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    Had the weekend sans wife and kid so did a little camping and fishing over near Whitetop Laurel Creek. I read about how amazing the stream is and had to see for myself. Its billed as an amazing fly fishing stream full of big browns. One trip in the middle of the summer makes it hard for me to judge, but I caught 15 trout and only 2 of them were browns. I'm sure it fly fishes better in spring and fall. Not much rising when I was there and was difficult to get a fly very deep. Fly fished it all day Saturday and the biggest one I caught was only about 10-12 inches. Went back Sunday morning with a 1/4 ounce spinner and got into more big fish. Caught an absolute chunk of a brookie. Had to be 14"+. I was worried about the water temps and killing them so only got pics of the ones that I could get off the hook really quick and get a pic before letting them go. Be forewarned though, if you go here with nice weather on a weekend and are fishing near any of the bridges be prepared to have a lot of people yell questions at you from the bridge. I was 40 ft from one near a small rapid and couldn't hear very well, but that didn't stop one woman from screaming at me until I answered her question about whether or not I was fly fishing.

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    I have that place marked on my "to-do list" also..nice fish
    Make VAO Great again


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      Man that seems like a great weekend!



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