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  • Goshen Pass

    A couple of years ago I drove through this area. It was so pretty that I have wanted to get back and fly fish it. At the time it was early June and I stopped and spoke to a couple of fly fisher's. They said they were getting about 1/2 trout and 1/2 smallies.
    I guess there are other areas with higher catch rates but the area is worth a trip. Any advise or comments appreciated. Such easy it is to wade, what flies work well, etc.

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    I grew up just a few miles from there. I've fished it hundreds of times. There are many species of fish in that stretch of river. It's stocked with trout so unless it's summer, you will need a trout permit. I would suggest heading upriver from the swinging bridge where most folks don't venture. The fishing gets MUCH better where the river splits just a couple hundred yards up.


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      Thanks, will do.