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Northern Neck 9/23

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  • Northern Neck 9/23

    Took my boat down to the Northern Neck on Saturday morning to try out a new spot. Drive took a little longer than I expected so I didn't get on the water until after 7am. Conditions were beautiful though.

    Ran a little over a mile from the ramp to where I wanted to start fishing, and right away I found birds working. One cast with a jig confirmed that little stripers were underneath them. I switched up to a topwater and caught a couple more schoolies, and then hooked up to a decent speck in the 20 inch range. I hooked two more specks in the next 10 minutes, but it was all stripers after that.

    As the sun got higher I moved back into a nearby creek and caught a few small puppy drum and more stripers on a spinnerbait. Also caught a couple white perch and saw some puffers there.

    I spent the next several hours exploring the area and throwing everything in my tackle box. Jigs, popping cork, mirrolures, spinnerbaits, etc etc. Caught a bunch more schoolies, needlefish, a few baby specks, and puffers. This one was very ambitious.

    As the sun started going down I went back to throwing topwaters, and the schoolie stripers were all over it. They were right up along the edge of the marsh and were really aggressive. They'd hit the lure over and over until they were hooked. Not sure how many I caught but they were biting on almost every cast for a while. I hoped to hook into some more specks and reds but they never showed up.

    Eventually it got dark and buggy, so I headed in and finally got back to the dock at 8pm. It was a really fun trip, that was the most pullage I've had in months. Hopefully the weather cooperates so I can go back soon!

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    Sounds like a fun day for sure! Good job!

    2004 Fishers of Men VA-East Division Champions



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      great pics, dood. what an awesome day.