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Mobjack Bay 10/21/17

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  • Mobjack Bay 10/21/17

    Headed South early Saturday morning and hit the launch at about 6:15 to wait for safe light. Water was smooth as glass. At 6:30 I made the 5 mile run to my target location and started slinging topwaters.

    I caught one trout about 14", one slightly larger bluefish, and had a couple really nice swirls that just didn't connect. I think it was just too calm for a hot topwater bite, I always have much better luck when there's some chop on the water.

    As the sun came up I switched to throwing a popping cork and Gulp mullet deep in the grass, and working a Mirrolure out on the edge. I caught small trout, blues, striper, and a red on the cork rig, and got into some slightly larger trout on the mirrolure. Didn't catch anything big, but I got 6 or 7 "keeper size" specks up to 17" and several more smaller ones.

    There were still plenty of puffers in the grass, they followed my lures often and I even hooked a couple.

    It was a tough bite overall though. I caught more small trout and other various fish as the day went on, but the action was never fast. I stayed on the water until dark, working my way back to the ramp as the sun went down, but by then the bite had died.

    I'm looking forward to night fishing in Virginia Beach next weekend...

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    very cool pics once again.


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      nice report. I need to get down and take my sled out can't fish the shallows like that but maybe something will be biting soon in the deeper water.

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