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Virginia Beach Fishing Report Surfcasting report 7-13

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  • Virginia Beach Fishing Report Surfcasting report 7-13

    it's been a long time since any posted in this forum, so I thought i'd give an update on the bite

    as in most of the mid-atlantic, the weather has dictated an odd season and the fish have followed the weather pattern. After the normal shark/skate bite for most of the late spring early summer, the bite is starting to turn on in the surf

    the spots are showing up, blues are here and the action is heating up with the water temps. load yourself up with some fishbites and some cut squid, and you should catch them in droves from the surf.

    if anyone wants to meet up for some surf action on the weekends drop me a PM

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    Thanks Skycruiser. Love those spot.


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      Blues from the surf is a lot of fun. Hoping to hit the surf in NC next week