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Virginia Beach 11/8-11/10

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  • Virginia Beach 11/8-11/10

    Arrived in Chesapeake and launched into the Elizabeth river at Top Rack Marina around 9am. I had never fished this area before, and my old depthfinder had finally stopped working, so I knew I'd have some searching to do if I was gonna catch some fish.

    I paddled out and started hitting whatever looked good, trolling in between stops. I fished steep shorelines, bulkheads, points, bridges, etc etc etc. After a couple hours I got my first fish inside a creek on a Zoom swimmin fluke, then quickly caught 5 or 6 more. All were speckled trout around a foot long.
    Left the creek after the bite slowed down and went back to fishing the main river. Eventually I found a few more small fish at the end of a bulkhead. 1 small striper and a couple specks.

    Fished up the river a way and picked up another speck while trolling along the edge of the channel. This one went on the stringer.

    I kept heading upriver and soon found a couple more specks and a fat white perch outside some old pilings.

    A rocky point nearby produced a few more bites while jigging. Nothing of great size, but I had a few fish for dinner.

    Paddle trolled back to the marina and was out of the water by 4pm.

    I had planned on fishing Saturday night, but the combination of a 4 hour drive, a full day on the water and only a couple hours of sleep the previous night, turned what was meant to be a nap into a full 10 hours of shuteye.

    Sunday morning I got up and did a little wading in Little Creek. I fished for an hour or two and never had a bite. Conditions were beautiful but there was nothing going on.

    Sunday afternoon I got in the water again, this time in Lynnhaven inlet. I saw a couple of little specks caught by other anglers but I blanked. The tide was bottoming out so I left after about 90 minutes. Headed back to cook Saturday's trout for dinner.

    At 10pm I was back out in the kayak, this time in Rudee inlet. It was a beautiful night; cool, but amazingly calm with clear skies. There was only one other person on the water when I arrived, and soon I had the whole inlet to myself.

    It took about 30 minutes to hook up. First fish was a nice speck on the swimmin fluke, caught on a steep dropoff.

    The next hour and a half was slow. I didn't have another bite until a small speck took my jig just outside a dock light, but he was the only one home. I headed toward Lake Wesley from there and soon found a school of small trout and blues under another light. Caught a few and moved on.

    I casted and trolled all over that part of the inlet for the next couple of hours, and hooked up a few more times. Fish were definitely spread out, I never caught one keeper sized trout within 100 yards of another. I eventually worked back towards the ramp, hooking up a few times on the way to more small/medium size trout. Never did hook any drum or stripers. I kept 4 trout this time.

    Pulled out at 3:30am and was in bed an hour later.

    I did try one more quick wade at Lynnhaven on Monday morning, but caught nothing before it was time to leave for home. It was still a pleasant time standing in that clear water with the sun shining. Nice finish to a fun weekend.
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    That looks like a couple good outings...way to get em!


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      Sounds like a great weekend. Next time you hit the ER, preferably during the week, give "the cove" a shot. It is probably the largest community hole on the East Coast but it sure holds fish. We have had our best luck with gator specks fishing deep along the channel and pilings. Soon the stripers should be getting thicker in the ER and they love to hang on light lines.