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Virginia Beach 4/24-4/27

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  • Virginia Beach 4/24-4/27

    Friday 4/24

    I launched sometime after midnight on Friday for a "quick" 3 hour trip. Paddled around a bit and found a mess of blues in one spot. Worked on them for a while and then headed back in at 3:30am. Kept 5.

    Saturday 4/25

    Saturday morning I went over the CBBT to look for tog at the concrete ships. It rained non-stop all day but other than that it was very pleasant out there. Caught a couple small tog, but the bigger ones seemed to be interested in other things.

    I found a bunch of nice tog up near the top of the water chasing each other around, looked like spawning behavior. I spent a while trying to get them to bite, but they had no interest in eating so I gave that up. The distracted tog did let me get really close, so I spent some time trying to get them on video, which came out terribly.

    Came back in and fished from the pier for a little bit but I didn't catch anything except big wads of slimy brown grass on every cast.

    Weather was nasty Saturday night and I was still drying out, so I caught up on sleep instead of fishing.

    Sunday 4/26

    Started Sunday morning by doing a couple hours of wading in Little Creek. Fished jigs and strip baits looking for flounder but came up empty. No bites or signs of life.

    Later in the day I went to Rudee Inlet to fish from the rocks. I threw Gulp mullets and jerkshads for over 3 hours without a bite, then 10 minutes before I had to leave, I put on a pink Fin-S and caught a 20" flounder.

    Sunday night I launched the yak again, think I got out around 9:30pm. It was chilly but super calm.

    Started fishing a few paddle strokes from the ramp. First few fish were stripers, nothing huge but good pullage.

    Hit some of my favorite spots and caught some blues and a shad. I was mainly throwing paddletail plastics but also trolled a plug when I paddled from spot to spot.

    I saw some baitfish activity in one spot and also had some good marks on the depthfinder so I fan-casted the area. Missed one fish and a couple casts later hooked up to a nice overslot red!

    Caught one more striper there and then nothing. Pretty sure I could have caught more in that spot if the red hadn't dragged me all over it and spooked the school.

    I worked my way back and caught some more blues, then pulled out sometime after 3am. Got a little sleep and headed home after a long and enjoyable weekend.

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    Dag-gon man - you are all over the place and catching fish everywhere. Sounds like a ton of fun.

    Thanks for sharing. Great report.
    Wishin' I was fishin'...



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      Great report! I am itchin to get after some redfish soon! Did you fish Lynnhaven any?


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        Thanks guys. Didn't hit Lynnhaven this time, I prefer to fish there in Summer and Fall.


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          Sounds like an awesome weekend! Thanks for sharing!

          2004 Fishers of Men VA-East Division Champions



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            Originally posted by Bryan 2 View Post
            Thanks guys. Didn't hit Lynnhaven this time, I prefer to fish there in Summer and Fall.
            Gotcha. That was a great write-up.



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