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Impacts of Uranium Mining in VA

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  • Impacts of Uranium Mining in VA

    Older info from December but havent seen or heard anything mentioned

    RICHMOND — Gov. Robert F. McDonnell opposes lifting the state ban on uranium mining this year, but he wants officials to further consider the impact of excavating a site in Southside Virginia that contains the nation’s largest known uranium deposit.

    McDonnell (R), who has often talked about making Virginia the “energy capital of the East Coast,’’ said Thursday that he would create a multi-agency group to study the site and draft regulations for a possible new mining industry in Virginia.

    “Mining is an inherently dangerous activity. Uranium is an inherently dangerous mineral,’’ McDonnell told reporters. “So before we go forth . . . it seemed to me the prudent course of action was to keep the moratorium in place and then see whether or not we can develope a regulatory construct.’’

    Read the full article The Washington Post

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    Dayum, Uranium Minin? Uranium naturally fisses into other elements in a process called beta decay. This is explained by the weak force which allows a quark to change from up to down or vica verza. A neutrino and a other subatomic particle is released. Its some dangerous stuff for all life.



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