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a few random thoughts while waiting for the wind to die down . . .

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  • a few random thoughts while waiting for the wind to die down . . .

    I really shouldn't complain. The fire is roaring, the room is filled w/ light and warmth, my glass is full (and stays that way), and I'll be fishing the rest of the weekend. That said, here are a few thoughts that ran thru my mind while watching the wind blow.

    I used to wonder why there were no blue M&Ms. Now that M&M/Mars added the color it's all I ever get.

    Do you ever shake your head at people w/ no physical limitations who are driving cars plated w/ handicap tags and park in handicap spaces?

    Have you ever taken your significant other to a fancy restaurant known for its house specialty, that you reserved months in advance, only to have them order a salad or sammich?

    There are apps for just about everything nowadays. Don't you wish they'd invent one for reminding people to pay attention? (I think it oughta have a shock feature.)

    Got to thinking about TV meteorologists. Do they teach meteorology students to be goofy or do networks screen for this during the hiring process? Case in point (a real, recent example): a 15-minute-old tornado warning flashes across a monitor and the TV weather person advises to "seek shelter right away." By that time your TV (along with your ability to hear the gracious warning) are in the next county.

    In case you haven't heard, most (all?) news outlets have a political bias. (Yeah, it came as a shock to me, too.) Do you ever wonder who and how many they include in these tell-all, insightful polls they conduct?

    Do they not teach 'accelerate and merge' or 'slower traffic keep right' in drivers' ed any more?

    Have you ever been in line at the grocery store behind the person who argued w/ the check-out clerk over an expired 20-cent coupon, won the argument (concession), and drove home in their Mercedes (or BMW or Jag . . .)?

    What's up w/ the turd emoji? First off, who thought it important enough to create it (no doubt someone who is as under-employed as I am today)? And why the heck did they put a smile on it?

    Don't you hate it when someone starts a technical or scientific conversation with , "As you know . . ." and you don't?

    For those of you who work out at some point in the day - There's you and one other person in the gym working out when you're overcome by the nastiest fart you've ever smelled. It's not yours. Do you say something? Or do you let it go or move? (Maybe this is where the smile on the turd emoji came from. The person who cut the cheese is laffing his/her azz off on the inside.)

    I miss the Spy vs. Spy cartoons.

    I looked at a new car the other day that didn't come w/ a spare tire.

    News flash for your children who are of age to drive - gasoline does not spontaneously regenerate in the car's tank.

    Bad ideas should come w/ an expiration date. Quicker is gooder.

    I'm having a hard time talking w/ my youngest daughter. It's as if we're from different planets, our languages are so different. Case in point, she called last nite to tell me about this, "like, woman at work who, like, told her to, like, do something she didn't want to and so I'm like . . ., and she's like . . ., and then I'm like . . . and you know, like, I don't know what to do." Can any of you, like, interpret? I'm, like, lost. #gotsimile #gotmetaphor

    Well, doods, the wind is laying down and I'm, like, 4 fingers into 2 fingers (not including ice) worth of Irish. I do not believe the sled is getting wet today so I'm, like, we'll do it tomorrow. Look forward to seeing all y'all at Larry's, like, VDFT on MON. If you're out over the weekend holla. Black Triton w/ an American flag on the rear pedestal.

    like, peace,
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    Go to bed.
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      Crank That Jank!


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        Looked for 31 while I was fishing today without luck


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          sorry I missed you, curls. I spent most of the day down lake.

          headed uplake tomorrow. black triton w/ an American flag on the rear seat.



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