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Happy birthday, Marines!

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  • Happy birthday, Marines!

    Often lost in the Veterans Day shuffle is a lesser known day of significance - the birthday of our Marine Corps. Some years back a certain Army Chief of Staff played around with facts and things less than facts and convinced the [US DoD] world that the Army's birthday came before the Marine Corps'. Nope. Facts being what they are, they prevail, even in the face of indiscriminate politics. The truth is the Marine Corps has been, is, and always will be America's first to fight.

    Now, I have no less pride in the Service to which I devoted most of my adult life. Part of that experience includes a commitment to tradition, history, and the legacy of warriors who have given the last full measure in service to our nation. Marines, not Soldiers, bear that distinction alone. Marines were there when Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Coasties were not. Marines led the way when others would not or could not. Marines still lead the way when others will not or cannot.

    As you ponder the significance of this holiday (yes, children it is a holiday) begin by giving thanks to those chosen few who have carried the battle streamer long before the first battle was joined. Happy birthday, Marine Corps! Here's to 244 more.


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    Well said Sir. Happy birthday Marines.
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