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A thank-you for law enforcement professionals

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  • A thank-you for law enforcement professionals

    Just read a news report from OK. A Starbucks barista took an order from an on-duty police officer and labeled it "PIG." As it turns out, the officer was buying the coffees for the dispatchers on duty at the time (since they can't get away from their desks to do such things). The local shop manager suspended the employee pending an investigation while the corporate HQs apologized on line. One more time: apologized on line.

    Recently, we've seen, heard, or read about: 1) elected officials order government facilities to deny access to and refrain from assisting or alerting immigration police; 2) fast food restaurants refusing to serve police officers; 3) the mayor of a certain city refusing to participate in the funeral of a slain police officer; and 4) a political activist group calling for mass public disobedience, up to and including vandalism as a statement of defiance in the face of law enforcement.

    I don't know what the heck these people are thinking. Frankly, I don't care. I assure you, that barista and those fast food chain employees would scream out loud for a cop to come into their stores if someone was trying to rob them. I bet a certain mayor has a very lonely funeral when it's his turn. And I wonder how the political activist group will respond when their call for civil disobedience expands into their neighborhoods and their cars are vandalized. Think they'll call 911? If they do, I bet the closest police officer rushes to the scene and performs his/her duties irrespective of any political agenda.

    Dunno about the people referenced above but in my house, we are most grateful for what law enforcement professionals do for us every day. I may have deployed into harm's way but I never had to lay it on the line daily like cops do. They are the real heroes. On behalf of my family, thank you to all who wear a shield. Thank you for your sacrifices. We applaud your courage and professionalism in the face of wanton hatred and disrespect. God bless you and keep you all safe.

    For that Oklahoma barista, a lesson: My father was a law enforcement professional. He wore his PIG pin proudly. Pride - Integrity - Guts.

    For cops everywhere: Coffee's always hot at my place, y'all. And I know how to label a cup.


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    Well said! And a big thanks! Now retired after 38 years law enforcement.


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      Well said.


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        Most of these snowflakes should be glad the cops are between them and the real men that would gladly wring their scrawny necks if it weren't for the cops.


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          3 cheers for cops, fire fighters, emts, doctors, nurses, power linemen, telephone guys, catv guys, and everyone who does their job no matter what the situation is. Thank you.
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