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  • Missing my tournaments

    Hopefully when Ol' Blackface starts opening things back up next week some of the smaller local tourneys will come back online. I'm missing not getting to do any tourneys.

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    there's some light at the end of the tunnel, Charlie. FoM has developed some really smart guidelines for running its TXs going forward. the new guidelines track the governor's phase I limits/allowances. think you'll see things start to open up end of the month.


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      The last Playin Hooky I fished they did a staggered weigh in and registration deal. Particularly on the small tourneys I fish it can be handled with little to no "group" settings. 100 boats is one thing, but the little dinky stuff I fish where they have 10-20 boats it's not difficult.


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        You canGcan to Walmart, touch produce a thousand others have breathed on and touched, buy it, take it home, wash it a bit, consume it, and this is fine.

        20 boat tourneys where people need not be within 6 feet of each other is not.

        I guess it makes sense to some. Stay home and wear your mask, Karen.
        Thank God For Rednecks


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          Common sense seems to be at least partially breaking out.



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