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Made a rookie mistake...

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  • Made a rookie mistake...

    Decided to get up at 4:15 AM to go to the Chickahominy Lake. Packed up everything the night before, alarm went off, rolled out of bed and jumped in the truck. Get down to Eagles Landing and to my surprise, 2 clubs in the process of launching.... I knew it would be a lot of boats all hitting the same spots, so i rolled to the Diascund Reservoir - dang if 2 trolling motor only clubs weren't in the process of launching - and this water is even smaller. Said forget it and went to an old fall back lake, but regardless the fishing was terrible. Before driving an hour, I will first check this thing called the internet and see if any clubs are launching next time. I would have been better sleeping in, hope yells fishing was better....

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    I drove 75 minutes to duck hunt with a buddy, only to find out he left the boat keys at home



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