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  • Structure scoring system

    My structure / cover scoring system.

    Everything that has anything to do in influencing where, when and how a bass will feed I give it a 10 point grading system. For example: a lay down is 10 points. A feeder creek is 10 points. Bait is 10 points, grass is 10 points, etc. most of us naturally do this every time we hit the water. And just as many give it no thought at all.

    How it works: let's say I find a lay down in a group of pads on the point of a feeder creek located in an outside bend of the main creek with the presence of bait. In my mind There is a 70% chance I am going to catch bass in that spot. If there is deep water access too, then there is an 80% chance that not only will I catch bass but bass that are above average in size and weight. That's the process that I use in my fishing. It helps me stay focused on high percentage areas that give me the best shot at catching bass.

    Each body of water is unique and different than another. So my grading system is unique to each one as well. The bottom line; it keeps me focused looking for those spots and areas that attract and hold feeding bass.
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