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Ironman 8/26/17

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  • Ironman 8/26/17

    Ironman, this was definnatley a true meaning. It was a grueling 12 hours. First 61/2 with a frog. The morning looked like it was going to be a slug feast. Cool temps short period cloud cover light winds. Stent: We ran out to north point of creek to start our day Ryann hooks up first for 2 seconds on a good fish, never seen it but by the flush and the way rod was loaded up, dang it. Shortly after I hit a big snake head I'd thought go 12#'s but only 9.61. We then ran to Potomac creek, with poor grass options and only mustard 2 more snakehead. Then to beach area I've been fishing. Here we banged 1 bass for 1.59. Then for last 45 minutes stopped in snakehead cove. It lived up to it's name. I caught 1 snakehead and missed one. That was it for 61/2 hrs with a frog, 1-bass 4 snake head. We came to scales feeling hut down and distraught. But when it revealed everyone had just as bad day we felt better. Leading at this point was 3.33. So with 1.59 we were like hey we still in the fight.
    Stent 2: we started right back at north point, the amount of fish we seen there in morning they had to be there right. 2 hrs and only 1-111/2" fish and even though I didn't need to throw it on the frog. We left to hit area on beach again.this proved to be brutal with winds from east and constant boat traffic boat position and no power poll was a dream. I started with swim bait, then frog going into grass then swim bait senko and nothing. Pulled out to the pounding waves in front of grass and started throwing swim jig, I just got done telling Ryan how I'd love to catch a swim jig fish to give me confidence on bait.
    Then looking into water I see jig then just a dark mass swimming by boat with my swim jig, first keeper fish in boat about 21/2#s, then another but only measured 117/8". Then spent next 11/2 hrs throwing it with nothing. Ryan hooks up on what was looking to be promising on a spinnerbait but breaks off on fight in. Adding to frustration. Then I was tiered fighting wind a wake and just let it push us back into grass and down shore. But that allowed be to bust another frog fish. A good 21/2#'s, 2 keepers no giants but solid. We ran back to north point now tide coming back in, thinking maybe the direction and heavier current may turn them on. Went from one end to ther about to give it up when after casting into sun and having hard time seeing bait another jumped onto frog, another 21/2 maybe little better. There's 3 and have only 1 hour left. Thought we were gonna get 4 when I hear one explode on Ryans frog, but then I see frog flying behind me. I'm really feeling for him a grueling day minimal opportunities and another miss and then another ugh, did I say brutal. We rolled from ther to girl scout camp on way in give our last 25 minutes there. Wind and boat wake made you feel like you were at Anna. We just get started literally and I hear a blow up look over to see Ryan hooked up but fish comes to surface and out comes frog once again flying by me, ouch that hurts not for live well but for the mental anguish Ryan was taking. Couple minutes later I had yet another snaked head #6 for day crush the frog. This poor frog has taken a beating. Few more cast and seen a roll on frog waited set hook and #4 in boat another little better than 21/2#s.
    Came in thinking if everybody struggled as we did we still may have a chance.
    Our weight was 10.54 for 4 fish which gave us 12.13 for day. Few more bags to weigh with 2 limits in mix. Jim and Eric 2 time champs for Whittman Cup, had 5 which would have given them 12.88 but with a 1 pound dead fish penalty we stole the day for the Ironman win and the Whittman Cup honors.
    Was a great event evenvwith 1# per hour ratio. Wayne did a fantasic job running the event and making VAO great again
    2017 Ironman winner
    2019 Polar Bear winner

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    Congrats Carl and Ryan.
    1st Place VA East FOMNTT Potomac River 2006, VA East FOMNTT Big Bag 2006, VAO Frog Only Tournament Winner 2011


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      Nice Work!
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        Congrats guys, sounds like a hard ass day



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