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  • Week 1 observations

    How can there be a 'week zero'? I mean, how stupid is that? Teams played their azzes off and the media calls it a zero. They need to rethink how/what they call this quickly, have it ready to go for 2018 before the season starts. Maybe the media is the zero . . .

    Alabama's defense isn't missing any beats. Their offense has a few gaps tho' - it's evident Jalen Hurts has improved his downfield play but he likes only one receiver (Ridley). What happens when he gets double up? BTW, I think he (Ridley) got canked up a bit in the FSU game. No deep threat (throwing). Hurts is all about the short passes. Frankly, with their receiver speed they may not need a deep ball threat.

    What's the over-n-under on how long it takes Tx A&M to can Sumlin? Losing a 34 pt lead in the 4th quarter is a sure-fire way to lose your gig. It's all a bout physix, you know. It's hard to hold onto the ball (or a lead) with both hands wrapped around your throat.

    The Hokies showed a lot of poise in their win over WVU. More than I can say about WV's coach (poise, that is). Geez.

    Absolutely loved seeing Lane Kiffin's team get smashed by Navy. Here's to 11 more! Geaux whomever is playing Kiffin's team!

    Maryland is underrated and under-respected, Texas is in trouble. Herman has his hands full. I doubt the trustees will be as patient with him, esp after the $$$ they're paying him to win.

    I'm stuck somewhere between thinking OSU is really as good as everyone says they are and thinking Meyer is the luckiest 12 football coaches in D1. Indiana played a gamer first half. Sadly, the game has 2 halves.

    And now for America's team - the loss of 10 starters (7 on defense) didn't seem to affect our ability to shut down BYU. When's the last time you watched a game where the opponent was held to their side of the 50 yd line? Balance on offense was solid. A few deep balls, lots of short passes (all kinds of short passes), and lots of Guice and Williams (an underrated RB, BTW). Kicking game needs work now.

    Pulling for the Vols tonite. Gotta show your love for the conference (except Auburn). Geaux Big O!

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    Texas is a dumpster fire.

    Missed the Va Tech game, but saw the highlights. Lucky to pull that one off.

    I was hoping App State would beat the piss out of Georgia, but they're nowhere near being able to play with a top shelf SEC team.

    My end of year money is on Bama. Not a fan, but they look pretty solid at this point.


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      Can't stand the SEC - but Alabama looked pretty good. That Tech/WVa game was painful to watch. At times you really had to wonder whether either team remembered to play defense.


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        Penn State looked really good, granted it was only Akron but I am excited about what I saw.
        Make VAO Great again


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          Y'all are talking about football, right?
          Wishin' I was fishin'...



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            The Big 10 looks better this year.
            Thank God For Rednecks



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