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  • Week 2 observations

    I love it when OSU loses. More so, I enjoy listening to/reading the apologetic commentaries by the OSU-faithful media nerds who insist they still have a chance at winning it all. A note for the nerds: an early season azz-whoopin' is still an early season azz-whoopin'.

    USC survived a solid test against Stanford. I'm banking on a mid-season loss to an underappreciated, unranked opponent. Kinda like they always do.

    Who thought Washington State was a top 25 team?

    Props to UTSA. A very nice win against Baylor. Ruhle has his hands full . . . for a long time.

    I'm gonna watch the video of the Clemson-Auburn game as soon as I get home. The score says it was all about defense. I'm curious to see who made mistakes and how many. Either way, Auburn's highly touted offense took one on the chin . . . again.

    Bama showed a little more balance this week but not much. Of course, they didn't need much. Jalen Hurts threw a TD pass to someone other than Ridley so that's a huge step forward.

    Curious to see how the cancelled games will be handled. The sports outlets say "cancelled" but I'm betting they were "postponed".

    Thoughts and prayers going out to the folks in the Caribbean and Florida. What a beast of a storm. Here in the UK the left-leaning news outlets are giggling over how the US is being punished by God for Trump's decision to pull out of the global warming accord. Nice.

    In case you missed it, I really love it when OSU loses.
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    Oh man I cant believe that OSU lost - I liked it! Didnt get to see too much, was at a wedding in Harrisonburg - up near Cash in Keezleton


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      There are only two college football teams that I would put in the "hate" category. Miami and Ohio State.


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        I think almost all of the games that were cancelled are not being replayed..

        When are you going to watch some PSU football?
        Make VAO Great again


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          All I saw this weekend of the college football was a giant flag getting stuck in the 50-yard line at OSU. Hehehehe...I'm not a fan of either team, but that was funny to watch.
          Wishin' I was fishin'...



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            PS-who? ;)

            A-ball - will def be cheering for the Nits when the play OSU.


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              OSU and Notre Dame lose and Tech wins! I couldn't have asked for a better weekend myself. Both of those teams/fans/colleges disgust me the way they act


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                How bout dem Cowboys!! Sucka
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