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Lake Anna open 11/4

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  • Lake Anna open 11/4

    Saturday morning 11/4 woke up and decided at last minute to fish Anna points open tournament. Rang up a couple my buds to see if they were interested. Either already in woods or on water elsewhere. So went on to fish it by myself.
    Was little cool overcast and very damp, my kinda day. We launched at 7 only 13 boats but some heavy sticks none the less. I hadn't been in contrary for 4 weeks because fish flat out were not there except 12-13" fish. But decided the eventually got to be there. Always been a timing thing but this year ran very late. I got to the back went shallow and nodda. Looked out to water little deeper on a flat and bait was busting water 6-10'. (Side note I'd never had thrown an umbrella rig, though my wife bought me one 3 years ago. Then I won a door prize at appreciation event with some 21/2" keitch baits. That morning I put them on worm hooks rigid Texas style and pulled that umbrella rig off wall dusted off and rigged it up.) so I get out to breaking bait toss this umbrella rig and busted 2 fish about 2#'s apiece. Then nothing for a while. Mean time I'm back a little shallow throwing a spinner bait when she loaded up hard set the hook and seen the massive boil. In come fish #3-5.58#'s.
    Then again bait being pushed out in 6-10' area go out with umbrella rig and it gets slammed hard 3 times and I seeing larrys fish boiling. I pick up crank bait and in 3 consecutive cast bring in stripers that were 26-30" long and lean. After
    that bait was popping just over from that area and started throwing umbrella rig and in 2 cast had 4# bass roll on it
    and follow to boat. There here. Then caught another 2 fish 11/2 pounds on a crank bait. To top off limit.
    Then again and for last time bait comes up, again I pick up umbrella rig this time hold rod tip up where baits are fluttering at surface and big swirl rod loads up and it's moving out fast. My thought was another striper then it rolled at surface a solid 4# fish. This was a nice cull. Stayed in area a little while long catching a few small fish. 12:30 seemed to
    be time to roll out. Lasted longer than I expected but was most satisfied. From there I decided to run to splits fish
    some bluffs that had been producing an acasional good fish. I have a decent limit so this can only possibly help. It paid
    off flipping a jig putting another solid 4# fish in boat. Then last 30 minutes before weigh in I hit some stumps in
    pigeon. Here I lost another 4# fish that I never got a good hook into. That's 3 4 # fish for day who didn't make the
    live well. Was a spectacular day on water but I still at times think wow what it could've been.
    Weigh in started off with having to deal with a misfortunate accident from a young man who banged up the front bumper of my truck with a trailer. It happens, sux but what do you do life to short to sweat the small stuff. Itll be
    taken care of. At least he was man enough to stay and make sure of it.
    I had 17.48 for the day my best bag ever during tournament on Anna, and a day I'll not forget. It took the win but even with 2 big fish pots my 5.58 didn't hold. Congrats on that to Wayne Dorman.
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    Congrats! Nice to see Anna give back once in awhile.


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      I spent one entire winter fishing the back of Contrary creek once. It stayed loaded with bass and striper until the ice forced me and the fish out to main lake, lol. Its good to here it is still producing. I hav,nt fished it the last few years. Nice job Carl, and well done. Next is that 20 pound limit buddy. Get’er done!
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        nice work, jim!


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          Originally posted by 31Airborne View Post
          nice work, jim!
          Please forgive Brian, he must not have slept off the bourbons the night before.

          Great job Carl! You have been killing it on Anna recently.