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11/11 Veterans Day Tournament

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  • 11/11 Veterans Day Tournament

    Every year Larry Martin puts on this fantastic event and is always top notch and well ran. This speaks volumes of his support to are service men and women serving and have served. Thanks a again Larry for all you do for them. I'm proud just to be there in the event.
    It was very cold low 20's in morning. So cold when I went to untie boat from dock rials were literally frozen and almost couldn't untie them. Then I had to fold them up to even put away lol. We started out with the anthem being played and a prayer from Lee Martin.
    Then we launched. We were in 2nd flight and wasn't sure if we were gonna have company at our first stop. From what I had going the week before I was heading back to contrary. We arrived and there was another boat fishing exactly where most my fish were caught the previous week. But that's ok plenty of water around. They or us were not doing anything. Guys in other boat rolled after about an hour and a half. We kept plugging. Then throwing a jerk bait I pulled in 2 yellow perch. Then picked up spinnerbait and in a few cast it felt like another yellow perch pecking at it then it loaded up. First fish on and it's a 3+ I get it to boat and I see it's barley hooked so trying not to force him in he takes a dive under boat and now gone. Ouch 1hr 45 minutes for first bite and list it. We plugged around a little longer and I said that's it let's go. Got 1/2 way out creek when baits being busted on we stop jump up and start throwing umbrella rig and jerk baits. I catch a 31/2 on a heritage and Todd catches a 26" striper on umbrella rig then it got quite. Then bait starts popping from a loon chasing them. I tossed into general area and hook up on another 3+ which just allows me to get a good look at her before she pulls off. Ugh 7#'s of fish lost. And we only have 1 in box and now it's 11 o'clock. I decide to run down to an area I call budweiser crown do to what underwater points look like coming of shore. We get back there and baits being busted on in water that's only 1-1/2' deep. We throw and throw and zippy. Then Todd ends up pulling in 3 fish 2 about 11/2#'s and 1 peanut that didn't make 12" all on undrella rig. Nothing else going on hear so we went back to where bait was busting in contrary. Here Todd puts a solid 21/2 in boat on umbrella rig again. Then nothing. Last hour of day we head to back of pigeon. Nothing happening back here but loons chasing bait. But Todd was dragging a senko across bottom when his rod loads up, this fish had some serious fight to him. We were thinking 6-7#'s but just a solid 4. That makes a limit. I thought loosing those 2 3# fish took us away from any type of finish. But we were satisfied we got a limit. We came into weigh had a little better than what we thought 11.73. We put our stuff away grabed some great BBQ and sat while they gave away prizes. Todd a marine vett won a jb customs rod. I won a frogg togg rain gear and hat. Which was cool. We were gonna leave but decided we would stay and congratulate winners. Larry started calling them up from 13th place and was 9 something Todd and I looked at each other and said were gonna get a check lol. Ended up our 11.73 put us in 6th place awesome. Congrats to all who came out. It was a tough and cold day. Was also great to see a lot of the VAO family hope to see you all soon.
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    Sweet report Carl. Nice to know about the striper too. May have to break out the A-Rig again, lol
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      Congrats on the good finish Carl! Good report!

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