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Using In-Line Planers For Stripers & More

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  • Using In-Line Planers For Stripers & More

    Trolling with in-line planers is a very effective method of covering a large area of water and placing your lure presentation in front of "boat-shy" game fish. Often, game fish will move away from an approaching boat. Using Side-Liners will take your lure presentation out from the sides of your boat and place the lures in front of these fish.

    The distance from your boat that the in-line planer boards will travel depends on two factors; speed and the height of your rod tips. The higher your rod tips are from the surface of the water, the greater distance from your boat they will travel. (Do not point your rod tip straight out to the side of your boat. This will interfere with the performance of the Side-Liner and it will travel straight back, behind the boat.) Medium-light to medium action fishing rods are recommended.

    To use a in-line board start by letting your lure out to the desired distance. Clip the swivel clip on the rear of the Side-Liner around the fishihg line and secure the line in the release. Place the in-line planer board in the water and let out more line (under light tension) until the board has reached the desired distance from your boat. Finally, place your rod in a rod holder.

    Variations of depth can be added to your presentation by using deep diver disks.

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