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So what are thinking of trying new this season?

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  • So what are thinking of trying new this season?

    I want to try some larger swim baits this season. I think some of the larger swim baits will be effective on the larger feeding bass and stripers that feed on the shad and herring that push up in the Chick as well as the James. I want to get a ton of different ones and see if I cant get some fish to hit these swim baits instead of just chunking herring or shad for them.

    The other thing I want to try are these swim baits from the other thread. I have a few farm ponds that I think would be really good when the bass are on the beds. I am willing to try one - even though they are expensive because I want to break my personal best on largemouth this year - or at least try to break it. I think the bigger females will go nuts on these.

    What is something new you are thinking about?

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    That a sweet lure - I saw a program where the guys in california where using large swim baits for big bass. It will take some time and patience with those.

    I think I am going to try carolina rigging a weightless sassy shad, bass assassin etc; something like that.


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      My New boat!!!!!

      Ok after three years on a pontoon, I broke down for my first Bass boat. Middle of the line nitro 482, but good starter.
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        cant wait to throw some of the baits i have been modifing this winter, played with the frog some late fall, but perfected it this winter on the hot side, come on spring.

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          New things to try......

          1) More new areas. I think I've worn the old one's out.
          2) Try more baits on a drop-shot. ie..Different worms, grubs, tubes, lizards, etc.
          3) Fish more methodically in a tournament. I tend to stay in one place too long.
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            More topwater and different areas of the lake


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              Fish alone more often.


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                Great avatar Nightfisher!!!
                I believe I'm going to focus more on the deepwater Bass.
                The lake is forcing it on me!
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                  lucky craft wander

                  this is not a new lure but i would love to try it if i could get my hands on some I keep watching ebay but they keep going for close to 20.00 (ouch)

                  CHUCK n DUCK


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                    I need to turn left out of Sturgeon Creek more - I spend 85% of my time on the water on the Pamunkey.
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                      I will concentrate more on carolina rigging


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                        Me too.
                        Pawmunkey creek has been good to me!
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