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Is it possible to "think" yourself out of a bite

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  • Is it possible to "think" yourself out of a bite

    I brought this up due to some of the responses in the thread about having no confidence in certain baits.

    Isn't it interesting that just between a few people there is no faith in Lizards, Tubes, Jigs, Rattletraps, Crank baits and Grubs. That's A LOT of different techniques that obviously produce fish for other people..... It gives credibility to the theory of simply believing in whatever you are throwing.

    It's almost like you can "think" yourself out of catching a fish...

    I can see your reaction now, "That's Bu(($&!t" what is this guy smokin!

    Before you discount what I'm saying, think about the things that you may do without even realizing it. When you don't believe that something will work, it is human nature not to give it 100% (or not do it at all). Little things like reeling your tube bait back to the boat a split second before that big bite, or casting your jig over a brushpile and not paying enough attention to detect a thump on the way down.

    The same can be applied not only to the type of bait that you are fishing, but the area that you are fishing as well. We may be cheating ourselves out of catching fish just because we don't "think" that these fish will bite.

    You can chalk it up for useless fishing psychobabble, or make a "note to self" the next time you are struggling for your next fish. I'm sure you have all heard Mike Iaconelli scream "Never give up!" at the top of his lungs. As crazy as it seems, I have seen mindset make or break many fishing trips.


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    I just read Mike Iaconelli's book and as egotistical and crazy as he is he does have a can do attitude and has turned that into a lot of money.

    Skeeter was just in an article in BASS that talks about his belief about beating KVD for angler of the year.

    I strongly believe that what you believe can become reality. I believe I'll go fishing!


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      I think a lot of time we get used to the baits we are comfortable with and keep throwing them when we should try something else. It's hard to put down a bait that you know you can catch fish with.


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        I agree Kirk, I can talk myself out of throwing something in a heart beat. I have boxes of tackle that dont touch water for very long if I dont feel it.

        Good thread Charlie - and Seeking, I believe I will join you!


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          Great way to put it Charlie!!
          sigpicFISH-ON Giggity...