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    GPS can be priceless in certain situations especially pinpoint deep water structure fishing for Largemouth, and trolling main lake humps and such. but again you have to set it up and use it correctly for it to work well. Here are a couple things to know about GPS.

    Set up:
    1. Very important!!! Make sure that you mount the GPS antenna as close to your transducer as possible (obviously above the water).

    If the antenna is at the front of the boat and the transducer is at the back of the boat (or vice versa) you will have a 20 foot difference between your bottom structure and location... making your way point accurate only when the boat is positioned a certain way....

    2. The Base maps that come with your GPS are usually useless for Lake Anna. So you will need to spend an extra $150 or so to get the eastern us edition of the hot maps card... this card is awesome, it shows all of the contours in 2 ft increments, and much more... you can find them at

    3.Using Split screen helps to associate bottom structure with the location on the map.

    4. 1/33 of a mile is a very good zoom setting for locating your target area.

    Here are a couple ways to make your GPS work for you.
    1. Look at your paper map to give you a good look at areas that you would like to fish.... Mark 8-10 (or however many) spots, and put the waypoints into your GPS the day before you go out... you will spend a whole lot less time trying to locate an open water channel or shallow hump than if you go at it without GPS.

    2. When you find an area on your sonar that has some interesting structure that you think you would like to fish another time... Mark it as a waypoint on you GPS and label it.... you're much more likely to remember it and locate it when the time is right.

    3. Once you have a spot marked that you think is holding fish... use your GPS to guide you there. and stay within casting distance of it instead of marking it with a bouy and spooking the fish (only really works when it is calm).

    There are tons of other uses for GPS for Lake Anna, but if i say much more I'm going to put myself out of business.....

    Hope this helps! Let me know if these types of posts are useful... I am doing some upcoming seminars and I would like to make a full presentation with this type of material... any feedback or suggestions is welcome.


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    Wow Charlie,
    Man you are way too nice to let all these secrets out.
    I have taken all your advise and appreciate all you've givin.
    sigpicFISH-ON Giggity...


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      If you have a Lowrance unit you can download a detailed map of Lake Anna for free off their site. I have done this and the map is great.


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        I also used the Lowrance map..

        Not to discount a free map.... that's definately the best price out there! I sprung for the hot maps because they had more accurate depths in some of the areas that I fish... they also have closer contour lines.....

        But the free one is still WAY better than the regular Base map.



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          I too have a lowrance GPS unit. The free map of Lake Anna that they allow you to download is somewhat of a trial version of their MapCreate software and is very comparable to other advanced mapping software for GPS units. I opted to use the free version that I downloaded over some of the other software that I had because it was easier to read on my GPS. Charlie gives some great tips here.... the only thing I would add is to read the manual that comes with your GPS. I like most other masculine beings out there, I thought I could just figure it out once I started using it. WRONG! There is so much you can learn from these devices when set up, used, and interpreted correctly. If you haven't done so, take the manual, go to the bathroom and enlighten yourself.


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            Thanks from me too Charlie. You are way too nice and I hope to meet you one day soon.
            This is the first year I have used a GPS I am already spoiled, but I am an old flasher guy too. I use a Vexilar color flasher mounted right next to the GPS Sonar at the bow of the boat so I can bounce back and forth between the two depending on what I want to accomplish. An awesome combination! A flasher gives a lot of capability that LCD sonar can’t and vice versa. I am very fortunate to have all three. I agree with the Hot maps, there is a night and day differance between it and a hard map. I love it!
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