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  • New fly fisher.

    I asked Brian if he could create a section devoted to fly fishing.

    My name is Russ and I'm new to the forum and the state. I recently moved from Maine. I am a fly fisher. I'd like to use this thread to discuss fly fishing, gear, flies, watercraft and maybe organize some trips. One of my biggest questions is where is the best place to fly fish for trout, bass, and anything else that will hit a fly.

    Fly fishing isn't just for trout. My biggest fish on a fly rod was a brute of a smallie. It took almost half of my 9 foot rod into the water. What a fight!

    If anyone has questions or wants to wet a line, drop me a line at [email protected].

    If anyone is planning to make a trip to Maine or Alaska, I might be able to answer any fishing questions. I lived in Maine for 11 years and 30 years in Alaska.
    When fly fishing is outlawed, only outlaws will fly fish.

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    Try this Russ.

    I have always loved the trout fishing in the Madison County streams (Rose and Robinson), years ago. Can get a little crowded on stocking days though. I also have seen fly fishermen on Lake Anna when the bluegill are on beds. Assume they are using small popping bugs.
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      I've been looking at Lake Anna. I find it interesting that there is a hot side and the public side. I know the hot side is rather private, but there is a boat launch on Dike #3. I believe it's #3. Is that launch open to the public or is it on the hot side? I only have a small canoe so I have to stay close to shore. Is the lake fishable close to shore?
      When fly fishing is outlawed, only outlaws will fly fish.


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        If you have a canoe you could put it in the water on the hotside from Dyke 3...this time of the year I don't think you will have much trouble fishing out of a canoe...from may-October I wouldn't even consider it.
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          Russ - access on Anna's hotside is restricted to property owners and their invited guests. Hang out on this site for a bit and you'll bump into someone who can open the gate (so to speak). Def worthwhile visiting the hotside - plenty of good fishing over there.

          As for a canoe on Anna, you need to heed Aaron's (PSUhunter) warning. It gets stooooopid crazy on Anna on both sides - rec boats, tournament boats, more rec boats, more tournament boats. You can find relative peace and safety in the backs of creeks and larger coves. Getting there can be an issue if you have to paddle your way back. Just something to think about as you plan your outings.

          There are some tremendous float fishing opportunities for you and your canoe on VA's rivers. There are fish in every river system in the state. SM dominate in the upper reaches (well above the tidal breaks) of the bigger rivers (Rappahannock, James, Potomac, 'Doah [not tidal but a major river system]). There are a number of public ramps/put-in locations on all of these. Reach out to gnfsnva (Erik) - he recently did a float on the upper James. He has the most recent knowledge of planning such a trip.

          In my neck of the VA woods there a number of smaller, non-tidal rivers loaded with quality fish. The New, Holston, Blackwater, and Roanoke Rivers are popular destinations. There are impoundments on these so you'll have boat traffic challenges in warmer weather. The upper reaches, however, are pretty tame.


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            Russ, welcome to the forum. I have probably more fly rods than bass gear but haven't used it much the past few years. Have fly fished for trout and bass primarily but usually try to hit the shad run each spring. I primary fish up in Shenandoah National park for native brook trout. Have also wade fished for smallmouth in the Rappahannock and floated the James for small mouth bass. We really need some rain to add to the watershed and get the streams flow8ng this winter.


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              Well, if you ever find yourself without a fishing partner, give me a shout.

              Lol, I have two spinning rods and about a dozen fly rods. I grew up fishing for perch and walleye in northern Michigan. Never touched a fly rod until I was 55.
              When fly fishing is outlawed, only outlaws will fly fish.