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    Forgiving someone else is a lot easier than forgiving oneself I believe.

    My father fought in Korea. He was shot in the leg and bayoneted twice when his unit was overrun by the Chinese. It was only after the attack had been repelled that he was found barley clinging to life. My step father was a US Marine Infantryman in WWII and carried the Browning automatic rifle. He fought in the battle Saipan, Okinawa I believe and the occupation of Japan.

    I remember both of them as being very passive peaceful men. They always preferred to avoid any type of confrontation whether it was verbal or physical. Both of them shared alcohol problems during their life as well. The only time, and I do mean the only time they ever spoke to me about the wars they fought in were when they were very, very drunk. It wasn’t so much of a talk but rather a confession of the things they had seen and done. When you are only eight or nine years old that’s hard to understand. It took me a long time to figure things out. What I have come to learn is that they were good men who struggled quietly on a day to day basis hoping to forget. But they never could come to forgiving themselves of the things had to do in war. Not entirely anyway.

    Both of them were born again Christians’. I know that God had not only forgiven them but also blotted out their killing from his sight; never again to be seen nor remembered. It’s the same with my sin as well. But you see; Satin doesn’t want us to forget. He would rather see us punish ourselves everyday of our life, for the rest of our lives rather than allow us to enjoy the peace of forgiveness. Not just the sin of war but every sin that we have committed in our lives. We all have regrets, things we wish we could undo but cant. Sometimes the guilt is so overwhelming the person lives a self destructive life as a form of self imposed punishment. This behavior not only hurts them but the ones who love them as well, including the children.

    God forgiveness is perfect and complete. Our challenge is in forgiving ourselves. It can be done if we have faith in what god has promised and learn how to defend ourselves against Satin when he comes to attack us. And my weapon of choice is Gods written word. His word will shield you from satins attacks. I know it’s easier said than done but we can do it. I know we can; because God said we can, therefore I will.

    God Bless and see you guys on the water.
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    Awesome story Jim. Agree 100%. Satin is very much alive and will try deceive us any way he can.
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      Indeed it is.
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