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Staff Sgt. David H. Stewart Motorcade

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  • Staff Sgt. David H. Stewart Motorcade

    My wife Mary and I just got back from honoring Staff Sgt. David H. Stewart as his motorcade passed by on Route 1 North at the Courthouse Road intersection; those of you who have launched a out of Hope Springs know that intersection. The crowd was just amazing, waving flags honoring him. The family showed their appreciation waving at/to the crowds as they passed by. There were well over 100 motorcycles in the motorcade, not including the police escort motorcycles. A huge American Flag was draped across Route 1 between two ladder fire trucks and a Marine Corps Flag hung on each side from each of the ladders. It was quite moving, proud to have been able to be there to honor him. Although I didn't know him personally every time I pass thru that intersection now I will think of him, probably with a little remembrance nod. May he rest in peace.

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    Must have been an amazing tribute - still gives me hope in humanity that people take time to honor our real heroes


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      I was passing by as they were getting ready to leave....Tremendous respect showed!!! The way it should be....SEMPER FI Marine