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  • Where is everyone from?

    Posted by Lippers

    I am from just outside of Richmond and drive probably 45 minutes to High Point Marina on a regular basis but fish elsewhere in addition to the lake.

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    Posted by bill1wts

    Grottoes, VA - 80.5 miles from my house to high pt ramp - make it every weekend - fish local rivers and lakes during week.


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      Posted by gman

      Gainesville - about 75 miles to Sturgeon Creek marina (1 hour 20 minfrom house to on the water) - fish Anna 2 - 5 times a month - also fish Lake Brittle, Burke, and out of Fountainhead


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        Posted by Ace Laserna

        Spotsylvania, VA. About 25 minutes from High Point Marina


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          Posted by rmcsret

          Midland, VA., just on the backside of Quantico Marine Corps Base. It's a good hour and
          fifteen mins to the lake for my house.


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            Posted by pkdeter

            Leesburg, VA....approx. 2 hours from home to Sturgeon Creek Marina


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              Posted by vachamp2005

              Front Royal Va about 1hr and 30 min from anna point


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                Posted by fishermen77

                Hello there Vachamp2005,
                I drove from Front Royal to the lake two days a week from Oct.- April. for about three years To stripper fish. It is a pretty good haul, so I moved down on the lake about 1 1/2 years ago. And it is hard some mornings now to go to work when crossing over the lake seeing the fish being active . Good fishing to all


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                  Posted by comeonfish

                  Chantilly, Virginia
                  about 75 miles to the lake.

                  I fished in the Chesapeake Bay every weekend for 20 years. I am not a Bass Fisherman yet. I am going to learn fresh water fishing.


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                    Posted by basspro3217

                    I'm just south of Dover, DE. About 3 hours from Lake Anna.


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                      Posted by wayne

                      Mineral, Va. 2 miles to high pt ramp


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                        Posted by seekingfish

                        Mechanicsville, VA 60 minutes to the pontoon at Anna Point.
                        Anyone fished in the last 5 days? I'll be there tomorrow, Friday, fishing for largemouth. Uplake, downlake? Anyone have any luck lately?


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                          Posted by backlash

                          Sposty, 30min to the lake



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                            Posted by Gman

                            I fished last Saturday - caught a couple in Sturgeon Creek and uplake in the Pamunkey across from kelly's landing. I was throwing a DT6 crankbait, draggin a Carolina rig with a ribbon tailed grub dipped in chart, and flipping a shakey head. all my fish were caught in less than 4 feet of water of secondary points.......I might be out tomorrow. let us know how you did seekingfish....


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                              Posted by bassgambler

                              I'm in Goochland. I fish Anna in the spring and fall. I go down to the "Chick" and fish the outgoing tide when it gets hot.