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Looking for fellow kayak anglers!!

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  • Looking for fellow kayak anglers!!

    Hey guys,

    Just moved to the Hampton area, and looking for any advice on where to start kayak fishing locally! I've done a lot of fishing inshore in NC for Reds, Trout and Flounder, but I have no idea where to start here:confused:. If anyone needs a fishing partner in the near future, feel free to hit me up, I'm always down for new experiences and making new friends!:cool:

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    There's a few kayakers in here, but I think most of them are fishing the smaller waters out west. I just got a boat this past fall and really look forward to getting it going.

    There are some incredible waters there in the Suffolk area. Several lakes around the city limits that produce some giant bass. Lynnhaven and Rudy are both good areas for reds/trout from the kayak.

    Recommend posting the same section to the kayak bass fishing forum on FB. I know there are a lot more Hampton and beach area guys on there.

    Also, check out these guys "Bass Lives Matter" out of that eastern-VA area. I've messaged them a bit and they are good dudes. Hopefully I can catch up with them later in the year.

    Welcome to the site, and welcome to VA.
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      Thanks for the info, I'll definitely check those out! I've been searching all over the web the past few days looking for some kayak fishing groups and forums to get an idea of where to go and what's biting. Just trying to get a lay of the land!


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        Cory Routh ....i think that is his name is big into the inshore yaking in that area. I have a copy of his book. I paddled around Lynnhaven inlet a few years ago. I had no idea where to go and only managed some speckled trout and flounder, but witnessed a trio of yakers pull up some nice reds.

        The Back Bay is good for largemouth. Charlie Bruggeman on Youtube provides locations for launching. I dont get out that way but once every two years. I usually go to Nawney's Creek. Watch for Cottonmouths!
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          I've done a ton of kayaking in that area, the opportunities are endless. You have the Back River and Poquoson flats, the York River, Mobjack Bay, Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel, Little Creek, Lynnhaven Inlet, Elizabeth River, Broad Bay, Rudee Inlet...all have good kayak access and all are within a 1 hour drive. You can catch fish all year, but things usually start heating up in mid-April, with Rudee turning on first.


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            My son is stationed down in Yorktown with the coast guard. He's a kayak angler both salt and freshwater. I just talked with him tonight. PM your contact information and I'll pass it along to him.