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    Thank you for accepting me to this site. My family moved to Virginia in the early 90's. We were only here about 6 months as my Grandfather had a couple heart attacks back to back and my Dad wanted to be back in NH with him and my Gram. My Dad is retired due to 4 back surgeries and has lived in Florida for the past 20 years. They would come back to NH in the summers and winter in FL. They recently sold their home in Florida and purchased a home in Wythe County. We are avid hunters and look forward to the opportunity to hunt Va. Couple questions regarding the size of the deer. In NH our average doe is about 100lbs field dressed and average buck is about 140 field dressed. What would you say the average is in Va? What kind of deer hunting opportunities are there in Wythe County? Public land? Are private land owners receptive to hunters seeking permission? We are meat hunters and would gladly shoot a doe. Is the chance to fill a tag better around agricultural land than in the mountains? Appreciate any information and thank you for your time. Look forward to being contributor to this site.

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    welcome aboard, aaron. no shortage of hunting opportunities in SW VA. the deer are plentiful and, for the most part, healthy. sizes you saw in NH are about what you can expect here. GSniper (Charlie) is the biggest hunter in our area - recommend reaching out to him for answers to your detailed questions. think he'll be able to dial you in.


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      Welcome, glad to have you. I mainly hunt central VA so unsure, but like 31 said - Charlie is a wealth of knowledge


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        Thanks Gents. I will try to reach out to him.


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          welcome to the site...virginia has very liberal hunting seasons but I know its a little different in the western part of the state
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