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FOBA on the Potomac 3/20/2010

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  • FOBA on the Potomac 3/20/2010

    My club held it's 1st tourney of the year out of National/Roaches Run Ramp this past Saturday.
    Tournament ran from 7:30am to 3:30pm with 16 teams fishing for a 1st place check and bragging rights.

    The conditions seemed great compared to the flooded conditions the river experienced just days before our launch - the water was in the 50's for the most part and stained (but not really muddy). There was a ton of debris floating down from Chain Bridge etc. but it wasn't horrible.

    At weigh-in, the park was jammed packed full of sight-seers/tourists but there were no real issues with getting to the scales and getting a parking spot. It was apparent that fishing was good if you were after bass under the 15" minimum but for the majority of the field it was almost impossible to get a keeper.
    The teams that did the best pulled their fish from Blue Plains and surrounding areas. Other members reported getting a few keeper bites from the Spoils and WW Bridge area. One team made the run down to Mattawoman and scored 3 keepers but not enough to get the win.

    Winners had 10+ on soft plastics in/around Blue Plains.

    Next up for FOBA - Lake Anna on April 3rd.

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    Hey great thanks for the update!


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      No problem Brian.
      I'll be on Anna starting the 4/1 for my 4/3 tournament. Would you know how the North Anna side looks right now? Is it a mud-pit? Trying to figure which ramp I'm going to use.
      Staying in Fredericksburg Thurs. night and High Point Fri. night...

      Anyway - I appreciate your membership posting reports. I'll contribute when I can.