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Results - Mattaponi River - 8/14

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  • Results - Mattaponi River - 8/14

    Capital City Bassmasters got together for a tough day of fishing on Saturday. Seven of us fished, and of those seven, only one limit was weighed by Erick F for the win - his 2nd win of the year. Jody M. took 2nd and big-fish with 3 fish weighed at a little over 3lbs and Mitchell P. at 3rd with the best 'pairing' of fish. Only 13 fish total were weighed as the the tides stayed up and never really came down to position the fish where we could get to them. Also, plenty of fish were caught, but the keepers were tough to come by.

    As a result of Saturday though, the standings for AOY have tightened up considerably. Erick F. moved up a bunch and is only .78lbs back on Tommy E. for the #1 spot. Jody M. and Erik L. are going to battle it out for #3 and the final boater spot at the 2011 6-man, as less than a pound now separates them.

    With two events left, it's fair to say that after this one, we're all looking forward to getting up the the Potomac for our next outing. As many of you all know, anything can happen when it comes to weights on the river, and one big fish could make a big difference in the final standings.

    Tournament Results:
    1. Erick F - - 5/5 - 7-2.5oz
    2. Jody M. - 3/3 - 3-4.5oz (Big Fish - 1-13.5oz)
    3. Mitchell P. - 2/2 - 2-12oz
    4. Erik L. - 2/2 - 2-9oz
    5. Tommy E. - 1/1 - 1-5oz
    6. Greg M. - 0/0
    7. Steve L. - 0/0

    Tournament Stats:
    Anglers/Bags: 5/7
    Total Fish Caught: 13
    Total Fish Released: 13
    Limits Caught: 1
    Big Fish: 1.84lbs
    Total Weight Caught: 17.06lbs
    Avg Bag Weight: 3.41lbs
    Avg Fish Weight: 1.31lbs

    Annual Stats:
    Anglers/Bags: 48/43
    Total Fish Caught: 166
    Total Fish Released: 166
    Limits Caught: 23
    Big Fish: 3.35 (averaged)
    Total Weight Caught: 277.28lbs
    Avg Bag Weight: 6.29lbs
    Avg Fish Weight: 1.67lbs

    Annual standings after 6 events (total weight - includes position change +/- from last tx):
    1. Tommy E. - 54.06 (NC)
    2. Erick F. - 53.28 (NC)
    3. Erik L. - 45.91 (NC)
    4. Jody M. - 45.09 (NC)
    5. Mitchell P. - 39.00 (NC)
    6. Greg M. - 32.19 (NC)
    7. Dave C. - 28.06 (NC)
    8. Scott C. - 16.75 (NC)
    9. Dale A. - 6.16 (NC)
    10. Steve L. - 5.00 (NC)

    We'll be moving up the Potomac for our next tournament on Saturday September 25th out of Leesylvania State Park. If you are interested in our club and/or membership, please feel free to email me at [email protected] or send along a PM.
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    Wow what a tough day. Hope you can wax em on the Potomac Erik! Good luck!

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