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Lake Anna - Oct. 23-24, 2010

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  • Lake Anna - Oct. 23-24, 2010

    Launch - High Point both days - water in the 60's and windy.
    Prefish was scetchy for me but did get a ton of fish to commit in Sturgeon and shook all but 2 off. Both were 2.5 pound twin sisters. I spent time up in North Anna as well but I think I was fishing too deep and missed the ultra-shallow event. Since I don't fish docks it isn't far fetched. I did catch a decent limit up there but just a limit and no bigger fish. On tournament Saturday I came close to blanking in Sturgeon - the fog was in there thick in the morning. I found it hard to believe the number of boaters willing to run top-end in thick fog... a tournament let out of Sturgeon around this time and the boats were flying in a fog thick enough to kill. Guess a couple hundred dollars is worth all that.

    I managed a small limit but never did reconnect with the fish. I think a combination of turn-over and the second reactor coming online pushed the fish well away from where I had located them in practice and that was that. I plain struggled but I wasn't the only one to loose the deal in the tournament so no worries here. Next time.
    I caught fish on C-rig creatures and dark jigs and most if not all came on rockpiles near bridges and points. My partner mixed it up a bit with topwater and crankbait but nothing to jump up about.

    The winner had a 16+ limit on Sat and small limit on Sun out of Pamunky on a blind bank that he was forced to stop on due to the marauding boats in the thick fog. He said it was scary how close several boats came to them before veering off to continue at top end in pea soup. Guess that's just how they roll but I feel bad for the family that loses a loved one due to a reckless tournament boater.

    Be careful out there... life doesn't need to be that short.

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