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  • Bass vs flw

    We have several members looking to either affiliate or start a new(sister) club with one of the federations. I would love your feed back on what would be the better option. I have been a member of both throughout the years but after looking at BASS website for va region 1 it had very little info(actually none) with region tx's.

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    Are you starting a new club or is this for FFC?
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      Our club recently switched from TBF/FLW over to BASS with the start of the 2011 season, and we have been very pleased with the switch on a regional, state and national level. We are in Region 3 here in the Richmond area and it's run very well by folks that are passionate about fishing. The VA Federation Nation is also run very well, and as the president of our club, I have had much better experiences over the last year in dealing with the state reps of BASS than I did with TBF/FLW.

      Jerry McKinnis attened the State 6-man Team tournament this year as well. As the leader of the organization, it was great to have him present and share some of his thoughts and insights as it relates to club level fishing and where he wants BASS to go and to return to. He's got some stories, and it was refreshing to have the very top level of the BASS organization at the pairings meeting, munchin' on burgers and shooting the breeze with us everyday club anglers.

      I know that FLW/TBF is very strong in some area's of the country, and a lot of that relates to the leadership and experience within the state and regional organizations. As a result, I think that BASS is probably the better way way to go in the state of VA, but recognize that things vary from region to region.
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        Nice post