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SVBA Potomac (Pohick) results

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  • SVBA Potomac (Pohick) results

    SVBA launched 17 boats out of Pohick Bay to try and find some Potomac bass. The weather was great, but everyone new it would be crowded and wasn't sure what the fish would be doing since the spawn was basically done. The veteran Ashley Barnett and his partner Aaron Largent won with ease weighing in 17.94 lbs. and had big fish 4.10 lbs. The newcomers James Garner and Michelle Cannan took second with 13.40 lbs. Keith Jenkins and PJ Burroughs placed third with 13.16 lbs. They are making a strong run for Team of the Year so far. Everyone enjoyed the fishery as always and can't wait to hit it again in August.

    1. Ashley Barnett/Aaron Largent 17.94 lbs.
    2. James Garner/Michelle Cannan 13.40 lbs.
    3. Keith Jenkins/PJ Burroughs 13.16 lbs.
    4. Corey Carter/Mark Clatterbuck 13.04 lbs.
    5. Ken Presley/Sean Golden 12.74 lbs.
    6. Gary Colt/Jason Ford 11.37 lbs.
    7. Lonnie Connor/Chris Payne 10.41 lbs.
    8. Tommy Hassler/James Hiner 7.78 lbs.
    9. Alan Snapp/Steve Pingley 7.42 lbs.
    10. Matt Williams/Tyler Vaughn 7.33 lbs.
    11. Rick Nugent/Matthew Nugent 7.12 lbs.
    12. David Rinker/Josh Cole 5.80 lbs.
    13. Larry Baker/Keith Hilty 5.33 lbs.
    14. Chris Baker/Mike Dinges 4.64 lbs.
    15. Gary Rice/Brian Rice 3.46 lbs.
    16. Tim Shank/Keith Stotler 1.82 lbs.
    17. John Breenan/Brian Breenan