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Rappahannok River Results 8-6-11

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  • Rappahannok River Results 8-6-11

    13 boats made the trip to the Rapp today and all experienced tough bite. Water temps were around 80 degrees but it still was a nice day to be on the water. Corey Carter and Mark Clatterbuck brought in the winning bag weighing 8.56 lbs. anchored by a 4 lber. Mike Dinges and Chris Baker maintain a run for the end of the year champs by coming in second with 7.81 lbs. In their third bass derby ever Justin Shank and Tim Shank placed third with 6.75 lbs. Alan Snapp caught the big fish of the tournament weighing 4.19 lbs. Congrats to all of our anglers.

    1. Corey Carter/Mark Clatterbuck 8.56 lbs.
    2. Mike Dinges/Chris Baker 7.81 lbs.
    3. Justin Shank/Tim Shank 6.75 lbs.
    4. Alan Snapp/Steve Pingley 6.69 lbs.
    5. Ken Presley/Sean Golden 6.38 lbs.
    6. John Helfrich 6.31 lbs.
    7. Chris Cunningham/Frank Zoldak 6.19 lbs.
    8. Rick Wolverton/Wade Baker 3.25 lbs.
    9. David Rinker/Ann Rinker 2.81 lbs.
    10. Andrew Farmer/Rob Bell 2.06 lbs.
    11. Keith Jenkins 1.75 lbs.
    12. Tommy Hassler/James Hiner 1.38 lbs.
    13. Larry Baker/Keith Hilty 0
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    man......we experienced the worst fishing day of our year-pleasure and tx fishing. We ran down almost to hicks and worked our way back up with the tide - hitting laydowns, flats, and creekmouths. I caught a small smallmouth down next to hicks-which surprised me. rob caught a small largemouth on a shakyhead around city docks at the last minute. I felt like going home around 10 am that