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Power Pole Micro on Bonafide SS127

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  • Power Pole Micro on Bonafide SS127

    One of the first major upgrades I did on my new Bonafide SS127 was to add the Power Pole Micro. On previous Wilderness Systems, I had used a stake out pole. It worked but was also a pain when trying to fish, so I knew this was something I wanted to change.

    The Bonafide SS127 comes pre-drilled and tapped for mounting the Power Pole Micro. The install was pretty easy, however, the bolts that came with it were not the right size for the kayak. After a quick trip to the hardware store for some new bolts, I had it bolted down in a few minutes. The wiring harness was easy.

    I will say this, do not skip over wiring in the fuse. I have blown 2 fuses so far. The reason was that the spike became severely stuck in a muddy bottom, when hitting the up button it blew the fuse. The real problem was I didnt have a spare fuse the first time, not did I know why it blew.

    There is a setting for how much force the spike will set with, it was set on the second lowest setting. If the bottom is super muddy, the spike wont meet enough resistance and will sink quite a ways. This was the problem I had.

    It's so nice to just hit a button on the remote to raise and lower it. This past week I was fishing the edge of pads and spatterdock and hooked up on a nice 4 pounder, the fish was headed straight for the pads. It was nice to hit a button and stop the kayak, and keep the bass from getting in there and possibly breaking me off since I had a 4' section of flouro tied to my braid.

    I would seriously recommend a Power Pole Micro to any kayaker, but also jon boats and smaller boats. These are rated quite high for small boats as well as kayaks.

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