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    Hey All,
    I'm up a Ft Belvoir for a few days and was wondering if there are any good fishing spots
    in Accotink Bay. Probably better to spend a few hours after work catching SH and or bass
    from my kayak than sitting in traffic. Any help greatly appreciated.

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    Any areas in Pohick Bay?


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      Launched the Kayak into Accotink Bay after work (from the archery range area if anyone is familiar with Ft Belvoir.) High tide, hot, humid and
      sunny. Headed West and followed the shore and weed line. Shallow is an understatement, the rest was choked off with weeds. Saw a
      few minnows, a few sunfish, and one small catfish. No sign of a bass or SH anywhere. Quickly changed from fishing to reconnaissance
      and exercise. Still better than sitting on I-95 South.


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        Yes, there is tons of good fishing in this area. Your yak is perfect for getting into the headwaters of Accotink Creek. You'll need heavy gear - the pads are thick back up in there. I have the most experience in the back of Pohick. I've followed the main creek channel back a good ways in my glas boat. There's a well defined channel w/ lots of wood, stumps; tons of vegetation nearby. If you put in at Pohick Bay Park you'll save yourself some rowing/paddling. It can be a ruff ride from FT Belvoir, esp on the weekends. Busy place.