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Looking for a 3 day canoe run on the Rappahannock

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  • Looking for a 3 day canoe run on the Rappahannock

    Hello. My father and I would like to plan a 3 day canoe trip on the Rappahannock, somewhere outside fredericksburg. I did one a couple of years ago, however I used an outfitter so I didn't really need to plan as much. This year we'd like to do this w/o the outfitter but I have no idea where to park or launch. We'd be taking two vehicles, one to leave down river, the other to go upriver. My questions are:

    Is there a known public parking site where we can keep one vehicle down river?
    And is there a public launch site up the river that would be long enough to canoe for 3 days (I think last time it was 20-some miles, canoeing a few hours a day)
    Also, camping accessibility (we're good with minimalist/primitive camping) since I believe a lot of the property along the river is private.

    Last time we were able to pull over and camp pretty much anywhere as long as there were no trespassing signs posted.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Put in at kellys ford boat slide and take out at city docks in Fredericksburg. Public parking at both ramps and if you take your time you would be able to make a 3 day trip.


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      Or rt 211 bridge if you wanted to make it really long trip


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        You could launch at Kelly's Ford and take out at Mott's run. I think the float is around 30 miles. Both have public parking where you could leave a vehicle. As far as camping, you may want to just pick an island in the river. You could camp at the Rapidan/Rappahannock confluence on your second night, that's about 7 miles from the takeout.


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          This is a tremendous help. Thank you all. The Kelly's Ford to Mott's Run trip would be perfect.