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  • Float trip question

    I would love to do some canoe float trips on some of the local rivers, but I've always been worried about leaving the car at the put-in area. In Alaska, we would leave the car doors unlocked. If you didn't you'd come back to broken windows. With doors unlocked, the thieves would go through the cars, take what they could and move on. Of course you didn't leave anything of value in the car.

    Has anyone here had any problems with vandalism on the rivers?

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    I have had no issues like that at all. Many floats I do are quite popular and there are people hanging out at the put in and take outs. Keep the doors locked and few will steal anything out of them.

    For Virginia thieves, Walmarts have turned into their personal ATMs. There's one on every corner and meth head types seem to have them all scoped out. The only time I have had something stolen is when I left some cheap boots in thw back of my truck. Some kid stole a rod and reel off a porch. I have never experienced vehicle tampering.
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      I've never had any problems either out here in SWVA. I'm sure it happens occasionally, but I've been very lucky over the years. Also the pile of junk I drive would not be a prime theft target. Somebody may break in and LEAVE me something.


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        I can't say it won't happen, but I've never had trouble at any of the spots I've left vehicles along the South fork of the Shenandoah.


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          I have left a vehicle at various spots along the Rapidan and Shenandoah, and have never had any issues...just ensure everything is locked and out of sight.
          Normally for Day floats, there are people at the put ins and takeout's during most of the daylight plenty of VDGIF presence.
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            Good to know, Thanks guys. I'm thinking of the Nottoway in the spring before it gets blown out.
            When fly fishing is outlawed, only outlaws will fly fish.