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2019 VA Outdoor Tournament Rules

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  • 2019 VA Outdoor Tournament Rules

    These rules supersede any other VA Outdoors rules.

    Entry & Payouts
    1. Entry in to a VA Outdoors tournament requires any angler to have at least 10 posts unless otherwise stated in the registration thread. There are open events from time to time.
    2. New registrants can get a waiver to the 10 post but only with my permission - email me with the circumstances we are lenient on new members
    3. Spouses/Significant others and children are always welcome to fish a tournament without being a member
    4. Entry fee's will be posted with each registration thread, these are usually $40 per boat but some events are at a higher cost
    5. All events are 100% payouts and we will pay 1 position for every 4 boats registered
    6. All launches will be shotgun starts

    Time Penalties
    1. You will be penalized 1 pound for each minute that you are late up to 10 minutes - after 10 minutes you will be disqualified
    2. In the case of a boat breakdown, you may travel back to the scales on another boat but only with your fish, no tackle may be transferred to the other boat
    3. No persons will be allowed to travel back to the scales except by boat or you will be disqualified

    Dead Fish
    1. The first dead fish will result in a 1.5# penalty
    2. A second dead fish will result in an automatic disqualification

    Short Fish
    1. The minimum length limit for bass will be 12 inches unless the state or lake limit is more than 12 inches, in which case, the state or lake limit will prevail. Bass presented for weigh-in that fail to measure the prescribed length limit will be penalized at the rate of 1.5 pounds for each short bass presented.

    1. Livewells will be randomly checked before launching - failure to comply will result in an instant disqualification
    2. Non operating livewells prior to launch will result in the removal from the tournament prior to fishing
    3. If your livewell stopping running to the point of putting fish health at risk, you are to stop fishing/adding fish to the livewell until repairs are made. If the livewell cant be repaired you have the option of releasing the fish alive or risking killing all the fish for the sake of hopefully being able to keep them alive for weigh in. The choice is yours but 2 dead fish will result in a DQ - we recommend that you choose releasing the fish instead of killing them or stressing them to the point of near death.
    4. Purposefully culling dead fish when you know the livewell isnt running properly either before or after tournament launch is grounds for DQ and possible ban from future events - the judgement will be made by VA Outdoors.

    Anglers & Gear
    1. No more than 2 anglers per boat
    2. Both anglers must have valid fishing licenses on them and abide by all state and federal laws
    3. Only artificial lures may be utilized, no bait - live or dead - pork chunks or strips are the only exception
    4. Scents may be used on artificial baits
    5. No more than one rod per angler may be used at any given time
    6. When sight fishing all fish must be hooked inside the mouth - any external wounds are at the discretion of the tournament direction to disqualify the fish or angler
    7. No live bait is allowed on a boat during any tournament hours
    8. No trolling with the big motor
    9. No rods over 8' in length may be used
    10. No angler may leave the boat to land or catch a fish
    11. You may not fish within 25 yards of another angler without permission, you may not grant permission to one angler/boater but not another. This can result in a disqualification.
    12. All fish must be caught on a rod and reel with artificial lures in a sporting manner, no snagging will be permitted and no fish may be netted (dead or alive) for purposes of adding to your limit.

    Alcohol & Drug Use
    1. No consumption of alcohol is permitted prior to or during a tournament
    2. If you appear intoxicated prior to launching we reserve the right to refuse entry regardless of whether or not you are a boater or co-angler
    3. No drug use will be acceptable at any time. Prescription medications are acceptable under doctors orders. Anglers and boaters should take discretion when operating a boat when using specific medications.

    Relocating & Stocking Fish
    1. No angler will be permitted to purposefully and legally move fish from one location on a body of water to another in hopes of gaining a competitive advantage in a tournament. Fishing a release area unless otherwise noted is acceptable. This goes against all ethics as responsible and ethical outdoorsmen. If caught doing so in a VA Outdoors tournament or other tournament, you are subject to DQ and possible ban from future events - the judgement will be made by VA Outdoors. Without ethics we lose integrity - VA Outdoors is about promoting ethics and conservation in the outdoors.
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