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Hangover Classic with Squire - The deets

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  • Hangover Classic with Squire - The deets

    Hangover Classic

    Cliff notes - Caught 5 out of 5 bites, all on Megabass Ito 110 in GoPro and Megabass 110+1 in Wagasaki. 4 of the 5 came in Sturgeon Creek, the other a downlake island off the mouth of Dukes Creek. 13.67lbs for a second place finish fishing solo.

    The Deets:

    So, in my new mode, I fished alone as Just1more had prior engagements. Normally I am doing these VAO's alone as I enjoy the challenge and win/lose/draw, it was/is all my decision making and execution, but asked Jim as we have been needing to get out together.

    I had done a bit of reading on the Striper guides blogs and posts and heard from some that bait was mid-lake now and the water temp per the web for the Powerplant at the intake was 47 (2 days prior), I decided to start mid lake and run to Sturgeon. I fished quite a few winter series and I knew from history that Sturgeon gets active when the water gets hard uplake as it pushes the bait downlake. When the bait goes down lake, it will get back in the coves looking for its food of choice, plankton. So, went back to Sturgeon whereI routinely start on the left, about halfway in, going in at the famous Pittsburgh Steelers dock and work my way in, and I did it this day as well.

    Now, to get to this point required a bit of white knuckle 2 hour 10 minute drive in from Loudoun County (Broadlands) where I live. At 4am I had 2 inches of snow on the truck and of course with the long cold snap, the roads were cold and thus covered. 19 degree's at my house when I left. I took a look at the Radar and it showed the snow abating right at Lake Anna, so I was like, hmmmm, hopefully once I get out of Loudoun, everthing else would be a dusting...How hopeful thinking that turned out to be. Hit 66 west at Centerville (coming down from 28), the electronic speedlimit signs flashing 50mph......and it was still covered and slick. Get to Gainsville, exit at 29 and its still got alot of coverage on the roads and is also wet in spots from the treatments ongoing (lots of treatment trucks out spraying salt and whatever liquid mix they put down). Hmmmmm.....should I turn around? Nope, not this one, and I am thinking it will be nice in the afternoon as its supposed to hit 40/41 with light winds....yep, that's worth the trip down. As I get closer to Warrenton and pass Dirtmans neck of the woods, its still heavily covered, same thru to Culpepper and during the process had to pass a long line of cars lined up in the right lane, the right lane was the only lane that was not covered as all the cars had been kind of single filing it, thus I am passing cars on the left in a very snow covered lane who have better traction than me :) I wanted to go 55 and they were doing 40, so, so be it...gotta do it....

    Turn off 29 onto 522 and the roads are still covered in Snow?? Hmmmm....get to the first bridge over the lake and then the one by Tim's and its still got snow......make the left on 208 and it starts to clear.....When I get to High Point Marina, the roads are clear, but the grass has a good dusting, as did my the cover of my boat even though it was under a roof. Temps were 22.....I kept thinking, man 40 is going to be warm for my lined guidewear, should I put it on or just carry it in the boat? I opted for number 2 and man am I glad I did carry it with me and not leave them in the truck. Remember some of our Tx's 31???.....

    so I get launched and my boat is not peeing, but I have water pressure....yep, peehole is frozen. I let it run a bit, turn it off and went in to get a cup of coffee and say hi to Carlos, the owner. I mention the peehole and he gives me a patented solution....big paperclip :) I let the boat warm up again and start the idle over to Anna Point and still not peeing.....Since my schedule is now 40 minutes behind, I am texting Dirtman and Wayne that I am running 20 minutes late for the 7am launch (7:27 sunrise, but these VAO boyz are hardcore), I get a note back from Dirt saying the roads are covered and he will not trailer in those conditions (wise). Wayne is just lauching when I tie up to the Anna Point Gas dock. He yells over to just go and pay at the weigh in....Cool, so I restart my motor and start figuring out where the peehole is and plop, I see it spit out a chunk of ice and problem solved. Note to self, do what the others do and crank the boat at the end of the day to blow the excess water out. 1/3 to 1/2 a second is all you need to do.

    Back to the fishing. So I start throwing my GP Blue MB 110 with the Orachi rod made specifically for this bait at the Pittsburgh dock and start moving down. Every cast (the whole day) was the same. Work bait in, about half way dip rod in water to clear ice out of guides, get the bait in, do this again and try to reduce the ice in the reel so you can cast. Water temps in Sturgeon were 44.8 at the dock to 44.3 in the No Wake Zone. Water was clear as to be expected. Catch my first 13 inch fish on the point between two cuts. Not aggressive, just jerk the bait and the rod loads. Ok, so, have to dip arm in water to put livewell plug in, C-O-L-D....and I have my first swimmer. Second comes pretty soon after just past the deep water dock and on the point with the new luxury home for sale. That point has lots of stumps off it and has been a good JB point for years. Yup, 2lber hits and I have 2 for 3lbs and thinking if I don't cull these 2......I am in trouble.....yes, but more on this later...

    Make about 2 more casts, get past the luxury home dock, make a cast and watch as the megabass parts from the line and goes deep into the woods.....the ice had cut the line.....Note to self, re-tye more often or this WILL get expensive (right Nate???? (he lost 3 or 4). I decided to put a Luckycraft 78 in crack color, smaller deep diver on a spinny pole and see if going a bit smaller and deeper would entice larger fish. If you read my last Tx deets you know I lamented not adapting like this. Well this spinny pole has the micro guides on it and you talking about icing frustrations? 10 minutes of that and I put a MB 110+1 in Wagasaki (green back, white bottom, purple on rear) on the Orachi and go to work. I used the TM and went across Sturgeon to fish where the channel runs by the points and makes a turn into the no wake zone. I like those points, had just caught two offer of secondary points, so it made sense....Start working the docks just before the no wake zone, when my rod just stops.....jerk jerk, pause, can't move it. Ok, set the hook and yup, something is moving.....I am now worried if my line is damaged since I just threw a bait off, so I totally relaxed the drag and used my thumb. It took about 2 minutes to get this thing near the boat, thinking it might be a striper....nupe, there was a flash of green and I get the net out and in comes my big fish. 4.72 lbs. wup wup....So, since i caught this one off the end of a small dock, I did a big circle with the boat so I could hit it again....2 casts later, same thing....rod stops....feel head shake and it plays out again. this time, just a smidge smaller, but now I have 4 in the livewell and its only 10:30ish? I am stoked as I feel I could get 5 and then cull with some luck.....

    Ok, so do the circle dance around these 3 docks and nothing else. Loons were working this area heavily and as I was moving out I saw why. A huge baitfish pods of gizzards (5+ inches) was being worked over, and even had some stripers thrashing thru. I thought about throwing a blade, but why? JB was working good. So I worked my way around into the no wake zone and fishing the point and saddle back the 2 buoy's are on top of as this has produced many a nice winter bass for me and friends....water temps had dropped to 44.3.

    Well work my way back out to the seen of the catch and tried in vain to catch what wasn't there (more big fish).

    Now its like noon and I figure I need to hit some more of my traditional spots. I decided to run down to the mouth of Dukes Creek and fish the islands off the mouth and the south side as there is a big channel swing up against that island with huge boulder fields, and lots of points. I start at the house with the American flag, which seemed patriotic to do, and worked my way north towards Dukes. I was using a traditional jerk/jerk pause 4-6 seconds, then jerk retrieve all day (it was working) and trying to move the jerkbait 1 inch or so....

    Once I got to the island, I see more Loons and diver ducks working it and that got my attention. Every fish I caught this day was near were Loons were working. Full stop. No Loons, no fish. I cast a bit long to shore and the 110+1 is bumping the rocks when it just stops again, but then starts to move.....get the fish to move about 10ft and then slack...start reeling in about 5 feet kill it to see if he will follow it and bang he did and fish on again.....get the now frozen net in the water and thawed enough to net the 3lber. So now I figure I have about 12-13lbs and I KNOW I need to get 20ish to win.....Note: Bass will VERY OFTEN come back and get a jerkbait, or get it on the next cast or two....don't give up on them if you get a strike.

    Ok, next stop is the mouth of contrary where the channel makes the big turn on the point between Contrary and Mitchells. Everybody knows I like this area as it has produced some big fish for me in the past and is a year around spot. Work it all the around to the first docks in Mitchell, but first I am admiring the massive new dock around the yellow slide (man, ugly job IMO as the big aluminum posts they drove in bent and twisted !), but I would take it for the right price LOL.....anyway, nothing wants to play, its now 2pm, so I decide to idle over to the point between AnnaPoint and Pidgeon to finish the day.

    During weigh in, Nate and Eric said they had maybe 15lbs, so I foolishly went down and got my fish in the bag with Jeff (Waynes Partner), a good friend helping as I knew I could be close to that, and as we walked up, I hear 19.x lbs.....damn them....Nate and Eric are just a tough out and I just so embrace this challenge.

    Well finish off the day with 13.67ish and a 4.72 BF for second place just nipping perennial high finisher/often wins team of Carl and Ryan.

    We ended the day at Tim's, I bought a round of appetizers and Beers for everyone and headed home to a nice dinner.

    Did I mention the actually high was 29 and not one cast was I able to make without clearing the rod guides from Ice?

    That is the way it goes, but a fun time. Now to get the boat into the shop to figure out the oil/fluid sheen that followed me around.....BOAT - Be, Oh, Another, Thousand
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    Love your reports, buddy.

    Great work out there.
    Wishin' I was fishin'...



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      nice job Steve!!
      Make VAO Great again


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        Nice report Steve!


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          Great report. Thanks again for round one.


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            Great read Steve.

            "They call Mike the tin man, not because he has an aluminum boat but because he has no heart..." ~ Squire


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              Nice Steve. Wish I had a report to post.
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                Great report Steve and well done fishing solo! Good seeing you again bud!

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                  Originally posted by Big E View Post
                  Great report Steve and well done fishing solo! Good seeing you again bud!
                  Still waiting on the winners report.....
                  Make VAO Great again


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                    A nice read Steve. Thanks for the report and detailed information. Congrats on a strong day.
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                      What a great report. Makes me want to get out there.


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                        Nice report Steve, thanks for mention but I'm no more than rest of ya. Take past apply hope for best lol. Fell bit short but normally do to Nate or Jim this time of year.
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