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  • Questions for Jim Himby.

    Two questions for you Jim. I know you have years of experience to draw on fishing for Striper. You know these fish better than I know my own family lol.

    My first question is what or how do the Striper transition from summer to fall patterns. I'm assuming they live mostly down lake during the summer and move up towards the back of the rivers with the bait? Do they stay in large schools or break apart into smaller schools.

    Second question. Where do you begin your daily search for them ea time out? Shallow fifteen foot flats and then transition out to deeper forty foot flats?

    Recently I've seen hundreds of very small Striper frequently breaking the surface in the splits area and the very back of larger creeks but not to many larger fish. The larger fish I have seen caught haven't began to fatten up yet either. Are they running a little behind this season?
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