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Feb 4th, 5th, 15th, & 20th

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  • Feb 4th, 5th, 15th, & 20th

    I'm going to start putting the reports in this thread as well... Just getting them all together

    Picture 6lb big fish 16lbs total

    I've had the flu for the last few days and I knew the fish were biting... It was driving me Nuts!! I finally got out of the house and headed out on the lake. It was cold, Snowy, and COLD!!! Anyway I started out around noon in the back of one of the mid-lake creeks and caught a couple nice stripers on a swimbait... Moved about half way out of the creek to some of the the windblown banks and caught 3 smaller Bass and a 6 pound Bucket mouth on a Jerk bait. That fish must have been hollow! It was 21 inches long and I would have bet money that it was over 7lbs. Oh well....

    I Moved on and tried the north side of the 208 bridge with no luck. So I went back to a windblown shallow flat below the bridge and scored a couple 3 pounders on my Jerk bait. I was freezing so I stopped by the marina to warm up and grab a sandwich. I went up to the splits area and scored a few more small bass and one about 3 pounds over a wind blown stump field... Went back down to the Sturgeon Creek area and caught another Striper and a 2 pound Bass.... It was one of the best days for me so far this year!!!

    I went out for the second half of Friday and fished till dark... we caught some nice sized fish... I'm still lovin' that jerk bait. We did A LOT of searching, covering tons of water etc. The bigger bass that we caught during the afternoon were suspended near deep water and feeding on windy banks with direct sun. Right before dark we went into Sturgeon Creek and caught a nice striper and several smaller bass. All in all a pretty good day.

    The picture below was a double up on two of the bigger bass (Mid 4's maybe?) in the mid lake region.

    I wanted to get out some more this weekend but I am sick as a dawg right now. This flu thing is no joke!

    Man it was nice to have some warm weather!! I picked up Tim Edwards at Sturgeon Creek this morning... We fished swim baits and jerk baits pretty much the whole day... It was a little different than yesterday since we really didn't catch a ton of fish.. but we did catch some quality fish... We landed several nice Bass and Striper and lost 2 bass easily in the 5 lb class :eek:.. The key was mid lake clay banks and rocks with lots of wind. All in all a pretty good day.

    I went out by myself this evening. The surface temprature was 4 - 5 degrees higher in certain areas due to the warming trend over the last week.... It turned out to be a pretty good couple of hours. I caught 4 bass, 3 large white perch and about 20 or more Striper. The bass and white perch came out of about 3 feet of water in the very back of one of the mid lake creeks. The Striper were slamming jerk baits near the dike in about 6-10 ft of water.... no monsters but plenty of action...
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