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    Mike, Jessie, and Berry Landry July 28th

    Late summer can be an exciting time on Lake Anna…. the Threadfin shad hatch ignites a feeding frenzy all over the lake. All species key in on tiny baitfish on points, in open water, in the backs of large flats etc. If you find the bait, you can find the fish.


    This month offers some great top water action early in the mornings. The bass will feed heavily on threadfin in the upper parts of the rivers in shallow, stained bays near grass. They will crush buzzbaits, poppers, and top walkers for the first couple hours of daylight. As the topwater bite begins to die off move out to deeper brush piles and drop off’s. The fish will get close to cover and shade, setting up ideal ambush points. Texas rigged 8-10 inch worms are great for luring big bass out to for an easy meal. Shakey head jigs rigged with 4-6 inch finesse worms are a great follow up bait if you can’t get them to take the bigger offering.


    The stripers will put on an amazing top water display in the morning. Acres of fish have been feeding on the surface in the mid lake area. They will hit poppers, walkers, flutter spoons etc. You have to be as quiet as possible, keep your trolling motor on a constant low speed and slowly approach the school… Even better is to observe which direction they are moving and sit and wait for them if possible. Once the sun gets up it is time to try ½ oz to ¾ oz jigging spoons. The fish will be on 25-40 foot flats in large schools. If you loose the school or are looking to cover more water, put the trolling lines down. You’ll need to get the baits deep by using trolling sinkers, downriggers, Crankbaits etc. Once you locate a school of fish on your sonar you can troll swimbaits, spoons, rattletraps, etc. to catch dozens of 5-10 pound fish. There is also some occasional topwater action during the day so be sure to have a zara spook or popper tied on just in case.


    Nice size slabs can be found all over the lake. Bridges, docks, brush piles, and beaver huts, are home to thousands of Crappie. One method is to try casting grubs, tubes, and beetle spins as close to whatever cover you are targeting. Another approach is to use a slip bobber above a #6 gold aberdeen hook tipped with a small minnow.

    Call 540-287-3591 or Visit to see a recent journal of catches, book a trip, or learn more about our 2008 striper tournament.