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Oct 5 Bill, Bob & Jerry - Chris Craft Lake Anna Guide Blog

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  • Oct 5 Bill, Bob & Jerry - Chris Craft Lake Anna Guide Blog

    This morning was the third attempt to get this trip is. It was postponed twice due to weather. Finally, it all came together. I met Bill, Bob & Jerry this morning at High Point. Our departure time was 6:45. It was cloudy, breezy and cold.(42 degrees) We were in search of striper for the next 5 hours.

    I headed downlake toward dike 3 at a snails pace, I left my helmet in my Suburban. We arrived and started tossing Sea Shads around waiting for the birds to wake up and help us find the fish. With the post frontal conditions, fishing was very tough. We fished the current at the dike, no takers. I searched around looking at the Lowrance, couldn't find a school. Where had they gone to? Chris McCotter was also in the area bass fishing, I knew that if he located some convicts he would call. The phone never rang.

    I fired up the old cold hearted Johnson and started to move back up lake. Then it happened, I seen birds working and fish breaking!!!!! I told the guys to hold on and went wide open over to them. The action was fast and furious. After I handed the guys their fishing rods, I grabbed one myself. First cast I was hooked up. Keeper in the box!!!! I was able to stay on top of this school for about 30 minutes. We caught 2 keepers and 4 shorts out of it. I was on the move again and seen a large flock of birds working over bait. I hadn't been on these fish for 2 minutes when Chris saw the action and pulled up. TIME TO TAG TEAM THEM!!!!!!! Almost immediately, Chris hooked up on a keeper and so did his client. This was great, we were the only ones on these fish. It ended as quick as it started. We caught 4 more short fish and it was time to go in. 2 keepers and 8 shorts. Everyone caught fish on a very tough day. This is just the beginning, it is only going to get better!!!!!!!!!!

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