Potomac River: Man the river is a roller coaster right now. One day we’re crushing them the next we’re begging them. Fished the river mainly at mid river from Quantico to Po-hick. The wind has been the big obsticle this week seem like it blew 20 plus all week. This muddies the river as bad as heavy rain or worst really and it takes a lot of real-estate out of play. Caught fish this week on a whole array of lures but if I had to single out one lure when the fishing was slow it was a Texas rigged YUM craw-papi in the bream color. Just flipped and piched milfoil till we got bit. When they were chomping a white Booyah spinnerbait or a black and blue jig worked best. Best areas were Occaquan and Mattawoman. I know I keep saying this but if we could just get some dad-blame stable weather it would be on everyday.