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  • Duck Hunting

    Posted by lunker

    Teddy how was the blue bill hunting this year? I spent more time up on the Potomac and elsewhere. Thanks.

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    Posted by Striper

    We had pretty good diver hunting out of New Kent. Saw more mallard this year and shot more. Picked up GW Teal, and a ton of Ring Bill but no Blue Bill.


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      Posted by Teddy Carr

      They saved our season turned it into a B-minus instead of a D. We do most of our duck hunts on the Potomac but we do utilize the lake as well. The blackheads (Blue Bills) are a fun shoot they just come in with such a reckless abandom. It's a shame they're under such an enviromental strain and are not reproducing well the last few years. There is even talk of going to a one bird limit starting next year. You would never know there is a problem by the looks of things on the Potomac. The one bird limit will hurt my business but if it's needed we'll just have to take it on the chin till they come around. Puddle ducks were good early for us even had a guy take a nice bull pintail. Overall we had 10 clients send birds to the taxidemist. Had lots of Bluewingers and Greenwingers early as well. But I'm glad it's drawing to a close I'm already converting my duck boat into my river smallie rig. Cannot wait to get on them winter smallie pigs. Now if we could just get rid of this duck weather and get some 70-degree days back. I think Anna is going to be awesome this year I'm more excited about fishing there than I have been in years. I'm going to start sorting out my jerkbaits tomorrow. Got a couple more shows and seminars to do then I'm going to be ready as a cock roach running from the light.



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        Posted by gregt

        Teddy what indicators are there for Lake Anna being a very good year - I like the sounds of it but just was wondering why you think so. winter smallies? I thought everything just shut down this time of year - jerk baits huh. I need to know more.


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          Posted by Teddy Carr

          Hey Greg,

          First why I think it's going to be a good year; the lake has been on a nice comeback for the last 3-years. But last year we caught a lot of 14 to 15-inch fish and I really started paying attention and noticed a lot were females. We would pop into a lot of mid-lake coves and catch these bass schooled and mixed in with a few bigger fish. The schooling aspect has no bearing really just thought I'd throw out the nugget about mid-lake. What does have bearing however is that these bass were a result of good recruitment due to mild winters for the past 3-years. This winter has been particularly mild although if you step outside you wouldn't know it. But it has and it has set the stage for two things another great year for recruitment for this past years hatch and it has allowed for those afore mentioned chunky bass to eat pretty much all winter. That will go a long way in their growth rate and the ability themselves to spawn successfully. I really think the lake will continue to get better over the next couple years. That still doesn't change the fact that she will be a bear as she always during a cold front. It also will suffer from fishing pressure she alway has and always will.

          As for the smallmouth; we do trips on the Susquehanna in PA starting in March. This fishery had been dealing with a slow down up until last year when it turned back on. We started experiencing some 60-fish days like we had in prvious years and caught quite a number of 4-pound fish 2's and 3's are quite common. We actually like the river to flood some say 3-feet above normal pool with a good flow of about 40,000 to 60,000 cubic feet second. This forces the fish into eddies created by islands, points, boulders, etc. When the water hits about 36 to 38-degrees they gotta eat. World class trip for sure!

          I love fishing suspending jerkbaits and I'll delve into that tomorrow night. I'm going get me a bowl of special K and kick back and watch the Unit one of my favorite shows. C-ya


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            Posted by lunker934



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