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  • A Little Hindsight

    Posted by Teddy Carr

    Just some tidbits from this past year in fishing, hopefully you will find it interesting and maybe entertaining.

    I went back to the crankbait more this year on Anna during late winter and springtime. I did this 2-years ago and smacked them pretty good and it performed as equally as well this past year. Most under used technique on Anna this time of year. Favorite bait was a REBEL deep-wee R in black/chrome.

    Best year ever for the spinnerbait bite and I took full advantage earning right at $6000. on the ESPN Weekend Series tournament trail. Not a tremendous amount of money by todays payout standards but mama was happy. Best blades were BOOYAH 1/4 bait that I doctor up consists of two 3.5 willow leafs one gold one silver; the second bait was a standard 1/4-ounce bait tandem willow/colorado in a perch color; and third was the brand new (coming in 08) HD spinnerbait 3/8 double willows one gold one silver in both herring and blue/glimmer.

    Second year in a row I haven't caught a 8-pound plus bass at Anna. But OA Guide Scott Hammer is picking up the slack he has two this year.

    Mid-lake was strongest for me this year with some exceptional days up in the North Anna but they had to be timed just right. Hardly did any fishing up the Pamunkey.

    Worst year ever for me with suspending jerkbaits. To much cranking I guess.

    So happy to see the bass fishing in the James, Chick, Rapp rivers back at it's best. We killed them on these rivers this past year. OA guide Eddie Griggs has a new nick name CHICK STUD; nobody and I mean nobody knows this river as well as this boy, NOBODY period!

    Smartest OA guide of the year Tim Nosek he went home after Saturday at Bassarama; Dummy OA Guide of the year goes to Scott Hammer for calling and waking up Ms. Carr on that Sunday of Bassarama at 2am in the morning. Most picked on OA Guide was Tom Toews it's just so easy and so funny but the boy works his tail off. OA Guide Eddie Griggs and his clients caught more lunkers than all of us. OA guide Eric Peterson is the man behind the scenes he has to be because we never see him at the shows. Best looking OA guide of course is yours truly.

    Best creek of the year on Anna was Sturgeon Creek.

    We developed a new and second logo for our business check it our at the bottom of our website.

    Predictions: Tim Nosek is pumped about this years smallie trips on the Susky he predicts there will be more 4-pound plus smallies caught this year than ever before. Tim is an un-assuming individual sort of a gentle giant of fishing on that river if he says it I believe it.

    Eddie Griggs will again match his big bass year next year simply because we are doing so much at Gaston and he has that place by the Kahunas.

    Anna will continue to improve as a bass fishery and I will do better with the suspending jerkbait and down lake will play a bigger part of my fishing than the last couple of years.

    OA Guide Eric Peterson will do more shows thats a lock!

    I predict my youngest son Justin will make the deans list again this year but will loose again when we go head to head in our yearly fish-off(care to comment on this YUM Dinger)

    And speaking of the YUM Dinger (the lure not the individual on this board) I predict that the YUM dinger will out fish the seinko for the umf-teen time again this year. Now this should get something stirred up!!

    I predict that Hammer won't call at 2am and wake up my wife anymore (safest prediction I've made yet)

    I predict and hoping that all of you will have a safe and festive Holiday season we have so much in this country to be thankful for.

    Our fishing is slowing down but our duck hunts are off the charts and I'm busy but I want to make an effort to converse with you guys so fire away with your comments questions etc. and lets make this board entertaining and informative this winter.


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    Posted by Yumdinger

    I strongly disagree with that comment. We will see come March. Potomac


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      Posted by g3mike

      i just want to know when we are going smallmouth fishing. its getting lonely on the river all by my self with nobody to talk to. (no chance). better yet, teddy come shoot some of these damn birds flying everwhere so i dont hit ANOTHER one with my boat.
      mike c


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        Posted by Teddy Carr

        Great I'm out there working my butt with a 100 decoys and you're whacking them with the you definitely have been tearing up the smallies...I love it. I would love to get there with you my duck hunting trip schedule is very hectic and I have a striper trip on the lake today but maybe next Sunday. Email me as the week progresses.