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    Week ending April 5, 2009

    Well folks we're in full stride now. The last two weeks I spent more time down in Lakeland than ever, seems everyone wants a piece of Buggs Island or Lake Gaston these days and for good reason. But this past week we we ventured back to our traditional fishing grounds.

    Tidal Potomac River

    Simply awesome!!! It got so good on Thursday I told my clients just throw what you want. I targeted both spawning areas as well as staging areas. I hit one staging area and it was lambs to the slaughter I locked down on that spot for almost 3-hours. My best lure was a chrome/blue XCalibur twitch bait. Other good choices were black/chrome Rebel Wee-R's, worked so they would just tic the tops of the milfoil this was the best lure for numbers. Booyah boogie 3/8-oz in my own special skirt color that mimics yellow perch worked really slow through the grass if you didn't feel the pull of the grass you just did not get bit. We never threw plastics at all. Best areas were Aquia Creek and Potomac Creek.

    Lake Anna

    These fish are driving me crazy. One day they're up the next day they're back. My best pattern has been working around mid-lake docks. Early morning I'm working out and around the docks maybe in a brush pile or two. As the day progresses that pattern falls apart and I either move closer to the docks or change patterns all together. I spent part of my time working the flats in the back of some of the larger tributaries and that has promise but they are getting hammered and the pattern spits and sputters. I think probably when I'm at some other fishery they are munching you know how that goes. But I look for this lake to bust wide open this coming week with the full moon coming. If you have the time this week you should get yourself out there or hire a guide because the Gootchie Mama's are going to be caught this week. My best lure this week was dragging a Carolina rigged YUM 3-inch wooly-bug in watermelon.

    For more info on Lake Anna check out this site

    Rappahannock River

    No report this week.

    Other Places

    Susquehanna River- OA Guide Jon Else is pounding the smallies in the Duncannon area in the 3 to 4-pound range. I know what you're thinking yeah right and he's getting them on 4-inch tube baits. It's the most exciting fishing but the most boring fishing report. Well try this on for size it's true he caught some on YUM tubes but his best lure for both numbers and size was a suspending jerkbait. He's averaging 30 bass alone on the jerkbait. I have one day off this week and I'm going on my own guided trip; I'm all about catching smallies on a jerkbait. Now that's fun I don't care who you are!

    Buggs Island- Its been a long time since I made this many trips down I-85. However we have not been disappointed yet. I've been working the same pattern for the last two weeks. Secondary points that have little ridges of rock on them. We've taken a few on Bomber fat-free shad cranks, but the majority have come on a green pumpkin Houdini worm rigged on a Booyah football shaky head. I'm using the 1/4-oz model. I stayed mid lake around the Butchers and Ivy Hill areas.

    Lake Gaston- I got one day in on Lake Gaston we caught lots of bucks around docks on the outside poles. We spent the entire day skipping 5-inch YUM dingers in Mardi-Gras under docks in Lizzard and Stonehouse Creeks. The big Mamas like Anna will be up this week.

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