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  • Report week ending 4-18

    Week ending April 18, 2009

    We have experienced a big pull back from the spawn this last week due to the cold nights. The water temperatures are warming to 65 during the day but dropping to as cold as 58 in some cases. That's a 7-degree swing over night every night for the last week and a half. It is affecting the bite at Lake Anna, Potomac, Buggs, and Lake Gaston.

    Tidal Potomac River

    I had to make an adjustment this past week that I haven't had to do in some time on the river during the month of April. I bailed on grass fishing and went back to hard cover in staging grounds that has deep water access nearby. Drop-offs with rock or wood cover on them was the best situation to have. I did target some main river shell beds and points and found bass staging there as well. It was a jig and crankbait affair for the whole week. Crankbait of choice was a Bomber 6A in chartreuse/black-back as for the jig a 3/4-oz Booyah Pigskin in black/blue when fishing rock cover. For wood cover and ebbing current I used a 5/16-oz Booyah Baby Boo jig. My trailer of choice was a YUM Craw-Papi. I fished from Occoquan to Aquia. The move paid off really well throughout last week and with the weather forecast shaping up for the coming week it will be some more of the same.

    Lake Anna

    That sight fishing deal didn't go so well at the lake this past week. I have a lot of fished marked but it was a deal where the bucks and I both were scratching our heads asking where did the girls go. Unlike the bucks who stayed and waited I left and fell back to the closest point or deepest dock to score with the girls. The best tactic was to drag a Carolina rigged YUM lizard on the points and use a YUM Houdini worm on a drop-shot in front of the docks. I mainly stayed at mid-lake.

    For more info on Lake Anna check out this site

    Rappahannock River

    No report here this week.

    Other Places

    Sponsor of the week: Sportsman Marine

    These guys are not an official sponsor of mine, but they provide a much needed service to the fishing community. They do things like work on trolling motors, boat carpet, upholstery, batteries, power-poles, etc the list goes on. The owner Todd Neale will go out of his way to get you back on the water. They are located at 2629 Hanco Center Dr. Woodbridge the phone number is 703-583-0300. They're running a special this week if you buy a MotorGuide Digital Trolling Motor you can go next door and see Terry Olinger and he gives up one of his best spots on the Potomac River. "I believe that's the deal they're running but you had better double check me".